Historical Circuit: Apollo 13 (****)

(1995) Directed by Ron Howard When the Academy Award nominations were announced the movie excellence in 1995, I was stunned that Ron Howard was not nominated for Best Director for his stunning work in Apollo 13 (1995) which had been nominated for nine Oscars in all, including Best Picture. The critically acclaimed work would earn […]

Women In Cinema: Emma Stone

Young actresses with the potential to have an extraordinary career are a rare find. Emma Stone is one of those actresses. With a strong beginning to a career, it only makes sense it will get bigger and better. Emily Stone was born November 6th, 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Growing up she was a member of […]

Women In Cinema: Dakota Fanning

In 2001, a young actress broke into the business displaying an overwhelming amount of talent at 7 years old that many actors spend their careers working to achieve. That actress is Dakota Fanning. At a young age, Fanning has displayed talent and maturity well beyond her years. Last week when I was discussing the “Oscarettes” […]

Sayonara, Summer!

The Big Boys By Robert Hamer And so the summer flies by, and we Oscar prognosticators can steel ourselves for the “real” contenders to roll out over the fall and winter months.  But as we look forward to how this season shapes up, what can we take from this year’s summer slate?  What interesting events […]

The Most “Taxing” People in Film Today

Most Americans have had to start last Friday going through an ungodly amount of paperwork, W-2 forms, and financial documents (if not just pay an accountant to do it for them) to get through the jagged little pill that is Tax Day. Meanwhile, MSN Movies had the rather clever idea of writing short essays of […]

On Racism and The Help

  There isn’t much that I can say about Tate Taylor’s hit social message drama The Help from a pure critical standpoint that hasn’t already been said.  My own reaction is south of my colleague Mike’s review, but the film is not quite “bad.”  I can’t exactly champion a film with such an overlong running […]

Top Ten Patriotic Films

To commemorate the 235th Independence Day of the United States, I decided to celebrate the films that have done the most to invoke feelings of pride in our country.  Patriotism, to me, is not defined within the confines of a partisan philosophy or simplistic nationalism.  True patriots are loyal not to an individual or political […]

Under the Circuit: Guy Pearce

Born: October 5, 1967 Place: Cambridgeshire, England Major Awards and Citations: Gotham Award for Best Ensemble Cast of 2008 (The Hurt Locker) Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor of 2001 (Memento) San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Actor of 2001 (Memento) SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in […]

The Folly of Source Loyalty

It must be hell to adapt a comic book superhero franchise into a movie.  It’s not enough that they are attempting to create a fresh and original take on a story that has basically been told dozens of times in other films.  In the case of longstanding canon, a writer also has to navigate through […]

Top Ten Funniest Female Performances of All Time

It’s no secret by now that I am very excited for Bridesmaids.  Not just because of its great reviews or my not-so-secret crush on Kristen Wiig, but also because the film stands for something you rarely see in Hollywood: the great comedic film actress.  Not that women haven’t given funny performances in the past, far […]

Cannes Post-Mortem

So the most prestigious film festival in the world is over, the prizes have been handed out, and all of the pundits are abuzz about how this ties into the Oscar season.  So to repeat a question that some readers have posited on this very site: is The Tree of Life the new Oscar frontrunner? […]

Michael Fassbender: A Star Is Born

 This weekend is the release of X-Men: First Class, a prequel of sorts to the original X-Men trilogy most of us grew up with the past decade.  Reviews have been surprisingly positive considering the hole dug by X-Men: The Last Stand and Cumbersome Franchise Title: Wolverine, but praise has especially been heaped on its star […]

The Curious Case of Michael Bay

Another summer, another Michael Bay movie.  Or perhaps vice versa is more appropriate?  After all, he appears to have marketed himself successfully as the King of the Summer; indeed, I can’t name anyone else compacting all of the elements of the typical “turn off your brain” summer flick into a single 2+ hour experience more […]

TV Review: Mildred Pierce (***)

So now the five-part Mildred Pierce saga is over, and after its utterly fantastic conclusion had settled for me, I have to admit a slight tinge of disappointment at the series as a whole.  Now, clearly a three-star miniseries (borderline three-and-a-half) is nothing to sneer at, and I am still glad I took this journey.  […]

Don’t Be Fooled

I’m guessing – based on its box office take – that at least some of you saw The Hangover: Part II.  Which means that you also saw the teaser trailer for David Fincher’s highly anticipated remake of the hit Swedish film based on the megahit crime novel series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (or […]