Digging Into: Clayton Davis

After attending an early and advanced screening of the then-unfinished 2006 film “Bobby”, Clayton Davis, the respected and esteemed Awards Circuit editor was then a contributor to the website The Oscar Igloo.  Clayton was so taken by the film that he immediately went to work on writing his thoughts and feelings and delivered to the […]

50/50 (****)

Stricken with a shocking, confounding, and life-threatening cancer diagnosis, 27-year old Adam Lerner (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is forced to deal with realities he never could have anticipated in the brilliant “50/50”, a comedy/drama that takes a considerable amount of risk in conveying a story of this subject matter with a liberal mix of humor and drama.  […]

The Whale (***)

An aquatic/animal welfare documentary that plays it pretty safe, and almost too safe if you ask me, ‘The Whale’ has an interesting topic and charm to spare, but it never really goes out there to make itself feel particularly relevant or important.  In fact, if you didn’t know that Ryan Reynolds was the narrator (and […]

MPAA Ratings Bulletin No. 2191 (9/28/11)

As a continuing feature here at Awards Circuit, here are the latest ratings provided by the MPAA Ratings Board – The Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA). In this edition, dated 9/28/11, two Oscar hopefuls, “Carnage” and “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, go in front of the Board and a whole host of independent and […]

Under the Circuit: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Born: February 17th, 1981 Place: Los Angeles, California Major Awards and Citations: Golden Globe Awards (2010): Nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for ‘(500) Days of Summer’ Gotham Awards (2005): Nominated for Breakthrough Award for ‘Mysterious Skin’ Independent Spirit Awards (2010): Nominated for Best Male Lead for ‘(500) Days of […]

TV Review: Family Guy (****)

Now in its 10th season, there is no denying that Family Guy is one of the most popular shows on television. The absurd scenarios the Griffin’s get themselves into are hilariously fun and entertaining. It’s quite hard to summarize the plot of this following season but if you watch Family Guy, you know there is […]

TV Review: Free Agents (**)

Free Agents tells the story of an emotionally distressed man, Alex dealing with his recent divorce and an emotionally heartbroken women, Helen dealing with her fiancé’s recent passing who find comfort in each other’s bed. Co-workers Alex (Hank Azaria) and Helen (Kathryn Hahn), both recently single end up in bed together one night. Alex recently […]

Red State (*½)

Kevin Smith’s career has been very frustrating to observe.  Here is a man whose debut was hailed as a vanguard of a new kind of independent cinema, and since then (with the possible exception of Chasing Amy) he has not only failed to evolve but in some ways has moved backward, particularly when it comes […]