Who will be the top 3 stars going into the finals? Well by the picture in front of your face right now, you know but let’s pretend as if you don’t know. Who will be in the finals? Will it be Disney star Chelsea Kane, Movie and TV actress Kirstie Alley, Movie star Ralph Macchio or Steelers football player Hines Ward? This week the stars had to participate in 3 dances including the winner takes all Cha Cha which awards the winner 15 extra points to their overall score. So, who was on top this week? Let’s discuss.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas:
Dance 1: For their first dance, the duo danced the Argentine Tango. There is no denying that this couple has great chemistry. I’m under the impression that they do stuff behind the scenes because it’s so real. The dance was filled with emotion and sensuality. I didn’t want it to end. The only complain I have is Chelsea’s dress for this dance. She looked really bad. They scored 28 out of 30 points.Dance 2: For their second dance, they danced the Rumba. Oh man, this was a dance filled with passion. It was just so damn good. Again, I didn’t want the dance to end. They scored a perfect 30.
Winner Takes all Cha Cha- They won. YAY! They were awarded 15 extra points finishing the night with 73 points.

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson:
Dance 1: Despite a terrible and unfortunate neck injury to Kym Johnson, the duo came out and rocked there Argentine Tango. This dance was just sex on the dance floor. Just pure sex. It was hot, it was sexy and there Argentine Tango had more life to it than the previous Tango’s we’ve seen this season. They scored 30 points.

Dance 2: For the next dance, they danced the Salsa. To me, Ward didn’t really do much in the dance. He shook his hips a few times but it was all Kym. I think his score for this dance was a bit too high given how they have been so strict on other Salsa’s. He scored 30 points leaving with him 60 points for the night.

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy:

Dance 1: Kirstie has really turned it up a notch these past weeks. She’s proving to be a threat in this competition. For her first dance she danced the Viennese Waltz. It was a beautiful dance filled with emotion. It had me smiling the whole way through. I don’t agree with her scores but she was given 27 points.

Dance 2: For her next dance she rocked the Paso Dob Lei. It was a really great dance. She was so intense. I’m so happy to see how much she has improved these past few weeks. She really does want to win and she proves that every time she steps out on the dance floor. It’s so great to watch. Her danced deserved a 30 but the judges failed to score her fairly and left her with 27 points, 54 points overall.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff:
Dance 1: The Argentine Tango was really hot and sexy but lacked the emotion to make it a great dance. I give this man a lot of credit for getting out on the dance floor and doing his best despite his injury and I think the judges don’t need to be so harsh with him knowing he has an injury. He scored 25 points.

Dance 2: For his final dance, Ralph danced the Salsa. His dance made me laugh and I don’t know if it was meant to or not but to me it wasn’t a good thing. The dance was comical and the costumes were kind of weird. But yet again, the judges were too harsh on him, especially Bruno making a remark about him being a woman’s body part. Hint: It starts with a P. His danced left him with 23 points and 48 overall.

So, as you can see, you can only guess who the star to get eliminated will be. I’m sure it will come down between Kirstie and Ralph and Ralph will get the boot. Romeo should have made it last week but if Ralph didn’t redeem himself this week, there is no shot in him lasting.

So, yet again, my predictions will be wrong, but it doesn’t matter who gets eliminated along the way, what matter is who wins! So, I say Ralph is gone.


So, this week the bottom two was between Ralph Macchio and Kirstie Alley. Like I predicted it was the Karate Kid star that got sent him. He left with a positive attitude but also pointed out how the judges don’t score each couple fairly. And we all know this is the truth, we see it every season.

But, now that Ralph is gone the pressure is on for Kirstie, Hines and Chelsea. Next week will be the freestyle dance and that danceusually determines the winner of that season. Whoever scores the highest will be the winner. So here’s to hoping Chelsea or Kirstie score high!

What do you think of this weeks elimination? Have your opinions changed about who the winner will be?

Tune in next Monday for Dancing with the Stars on ABC!

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