TV Review: Two and a Half Men (**1/2)

Charlie Harper is dead and Walden Schmidt is in. During the premiere episode it begins with the death of Charlie Harper. All of his conquests show up to his funeral to make sure that he is actually dead and bash him during Alan’s eulogy. It is obvious the shows creator Chuck Lorre, who Sheen publicly insulted was getting all […]

High Heels and Tumbler Wheels

I’m pretty sure that, by the time Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises actually hits theaters on July 20th, the internet will have leaked so many “inside scoops” about the film that every spoiler-hunting fanboy will know the whole damn plot already.  I try my best to avoid spoilers as much as possible before seeing […]

Digging Into: John Foote

Few names in the film community unite actors, filmmakers, bloggers, Oscar prognosticators, publicists, and the general media in respect like John Foote does.  Yes, a young man who spent his early days in Canada wanting nothing more than to play in the NHL now is one of the preeminent voices in film criticism and the […]

Digging Into: Michael Ward

To the average observer, Michael Ward is the definition of the American everyman.  An unassuming, workaday family man, it wouldn’t be immediately obvious that there lies a deep-seated passion for the motion picture.  Indeed, his entire philosophy of reviewing films takes on a removal of self rarely seen of most critics.  “My mind intuitively drifts […]

Why Did “Drive” Stall at the Box Office?

I’m of two minds about the current box office numbers for Ryan Gosling’s collaboration with Nicolas Winding Refn ‘Drive’.  On the one hand, it really is an art film and the money it’s making is good for that, but on the other, it did really have the potential to be a crossover success.  Some have […]

Women In Cinema: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is this generations “America’s Sweetheart”. In every film, including Rachel Getting Married, she manages to shine and win the audience’s heart.  They admire her because they love to watch her. She has an amazing sense of comedy, an outstanding dramatic side, a wonderful singing voice and obviously is incredibly attractive.  A full package […]