“Torture Porn” – Is it True?

A lot of people like to throw around the phrase “torture porn” to describe particularly violent horror flicks.  In fact, my recent piece on the greatest horror films of all time features more than a few movies that certain people would categorize as such.  They do this often without knowing where the term came from […]

Simplicity of Mel

Recovering addict and one time Hollywood bad boy Robert Downey Jr. recently spoke at an awards function and asked the audience about forgiving Mel Gibson. This coming from an actor who knows a thing or two about being banished from the industry and having to work very hard to get back in, though Downey’s crimes […]

Massive Oscar Tracker Update!

With the recent announcements of Keira Knightley from David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method being campaigned in the Lead Actress category and every actor from Roman Polanski’s Carnage being campaigned in the Supporting categories by Sony Pictures Classics, the Awards Circuit’s Oscar Tracker has been updated. What do these announcement’s mean awards-wise?  Knightley is going to […]

Norman (**)

Shot on a shoestring budget in Spokane, Washington, “Norman” is a film which overcomes some of the traditional trappings of an independent drama, dusts itself off and begins to matter, until devolving into an unrealistic and hackneyed conclusion. Never in love with the film, I stayed with it and began to warm to the main […]

In Time (*½)

The idea is a grand one. In a dystopian world, time is the coveted object which defines every waking moment and every waking decision human beings make. If you have it, you are wealthy, if you do not, you are desperate to acquire it and likely live in a ghetto-state where despair and violence occur […]

Like Crazy (***½)

Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin give nomination worthy performances in ‘Like Crazy’, the raw and real romantic drama from Drake Doremus.  A hit at the Sundance Film Festival and winner of the Audience Award, the movie packs quite an emotional wallop.  Doremus and co-writer Ben York Jones have created the framework for a heavily improvised […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 10/30)

Last week saw reviews of Melancholia, Margin Call, Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey, The Double, The Three Musketeers, The Rum Diary, The Skin I Live In and Puss in Boots. Joey Magidson geared up for Halloween by listing his favorite horror films of all time. Which, looking back, was an amusing contrast to his whimsical […]

Puss In Boots (**)

Lifted from the insanely successful “Shrek” franchise, “Puss In Boots” puts one of the most beloved animated supporting characters of recent memory front and center on the big screen. Memorably debuting in “Shrek 2”, with his snarky wit, swashbuckler’s persona, and those eyes…Puss In Boots stole the show, voiced with priceless energy and enthusiasm by […]

The Skin I Live In (***)

Pedro Almodovar goes in a very interesting and different direction with his latest film ‘The Skin I Live In’.  I’ve always seem him more as a melodramatic filmmaker, making feature length soap operas almost than someone capable of what he does here.  Essentially, he’s tackling body horror, something I’d more associate with David Cronenberg than […]

The Rum Diary (**½)

Sporadically entertaining but wildly uneven, ‘The Rum Diary’ doesn’t live up to the hype by never being nearly as out there as it seems to want to be.  I know that Johnny Depp (who literally got the novel published and has spent about a decade getting this thing made) and writer/director Bruce Robinson wanted to […]