AFI Top Ten Announced!


  • The Descendants
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • The Help
  • J. Edgar
  • Hugo
  • Midnight In Paris
  • Moneyball
  • Tree of Life
  • War Horse
  • Bridesmaids

Really?  J. Edgar?  You just couldn’t resist?  OMG!  The rest is fine.

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  • GL

    J. Edgar is not as bad as people make it sound. It’s just that people expect “Million Dollar Baby” and/or “Mystic River” to come from Eastwood every time. I am not sure they saw “Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close”. A lot of people are saying how they didn’t. But to me the biggest snub is comes from “Drive”. A film critics have been posting as their #1 film this past week. Also happy to see “Midnight In Paris” and “Bridesmaid”.

  • Alex LoSchiavo

    I think the reason Drive wasn’t picked was because Nicolas Winding Refn is Danish, and this is his first American film. It’s pretty obnoxious that award-er’s are still taking the safe route rather than rewarding the best film of the year because it was too bloody.

  • koook160


  • J. Edgar over Drive?! I mean the movie was good but OVER DRIVE?! I’m cool with the rest on the list but NO DRIVE?!

  • GL

    I don’t get when people say “Drive” was bloody….”Inglorious Basterds” was bloody. “Schindler’s List” was bloody. “Jaws” was bloody. “No Country For Old Men” was bloody. I think the movie just got caught up on bad press and poor box office.

  • So Ides of March has gotten nothing so far if I’m not mistaken. Not looking good for that film

  • Michael Ward

    “Drive” actually performed well at the box office when considering total gross compared to budget. 93% Tomatometer and high Metacritic scores…”Drive” did not suffer bad press either. I think it is hyper-styilized and different enough that some folks simply don’t know how to receive it. It feels familiar, like an homage or a throwback, but is not that. It has gore and extreme violence, but it is not a horror film. Everything it is does not fit nicely into categorization and we critics and voters of these awards love to categorize things. That “how do you categorize this film?” problem could contribute to “Drive” not tracking completely during awards season…

    • Marc Musto

      Well said.

  • MattR

    So I guess because they were not eligible, they gave Artist and HP special awards. That kind of makes up for J. Edgar being on there

  • George

    Wasn’t a fan of J. Edgar, so I agree with everyone that Drive should be on it. Really glad to see that Midnight in Paris made the list as well as The Tree of Life, Hugo, and The Descendants. I can’t wait to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, it looks awesome! I am sad to see that my indie movies I love, like Another Earth and Love, haven’t gotten more attention but at least great movies are getting recognized!

  • Joey Magidson

    A snub for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close…thought it might have actually won this one. Go figure…

  • Joseph Braverman

    I am actually more surprised about Girl With Dragon Tattoo then J. Edgar. J. Edgar was the premiere film at AFI Fest this year, so naturally they would reward it with a Top 10 nom. Drive and Shame deserved to be up there, no doubt.

  • narayan.divya88

    Clayton, you have not mentioned that ‘The Artist’ did receive some love from the AFI (despite its non-qualification). The AFI Special Achievement Award has been awarded to ‘The Artist’ and the ‘Harry Potter’ films.

  • Fuck this shit. Bridesmaids isn’t worthy of anything but a golden globe nomination for Wiig.

    • Jim Wilson

      100% agree on this.

  • jmlatinsir2

    I agree with the major consenus here about J.Edgar. It’s not that I expected Million Dollar Baby or Mystic River…it’s just that the screenplay is bad. The only thing that holds it together are the great performances by DiCaprio and Hamer.
    As far as Hugo which is reaping awards like crazy. I think I saw a different film.