Wanderlust (***)

The latest comedy from the Judd Apatow stable isn’t quite up to what the usual standards represent, but ‘Wanderlust’ is a sufficiently weird mix between cult filmmaker David Wain and the Apatow sensibility. It doesn’t hurt that the talented cast (led by Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston) is extremely game for what Wain and his […]

TV Review: The Finder (*1/2)

After you watch the premiere episode of FOX’s The Finder, you may want to re-title the show: ‘The Forgotten.’ It’s not a certainty that this spinoff from Bones will find itself canceled anytime soon — Idol’s lead-in certainly helped matters — but I doubt it’ll be on the FOX lineup for more than maybe a […]

The Academy Awards: Worst Dressed

On the biggest night in Hollywood, there are many surprises and disappointments that occur than what just happens during the awards ceremony. I realize in the new millennium, fashion has become a huge thing, especially on the night of some of the biggest awards shows, and not many people dig it. But I’m one of […]