Sequel to ‘Contagion’ is being cultivated!


I found ‘Contagion’ to be suitably unsettling and well made, but it didn’t quite reach the levels of Oscar potential that some had pegged it for. Well, The Playlist is reporting here that Warner Brothers is in the market for a writer to take on the sequel to that flick. Could this be a potentially good flick? Yes. Is it a completely unnecessary one? Yes as well. After the jump you can see my thoughts on how this project could turn into a success, but for now this is a long way off (if it happens), so don’t get too worried. Read more below…

Whoever takes on this writing assignment, my advice would be to expand the story, not just try to copy what Steven Soderbergh did last year. Think making ’28 Weeks Later’ instead of ‘The Hangover: Part II’. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but one can dream, right? The other question is whether or not any of the surviving cast would return. That likely depends on what level of project this is going to turn out to be. If it’s a big budget sequel with a quality director, then I’d say at least one or two might come back, but if it’s a quickie (or direct to DVD release), then I’d call that a rather long shot. Well, stay tuned for more on this developing sequel…

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