Duncan Jones will direct an “action packed” film about Ian Fleming!


Few directors have made as strong a debut in my eyes as Duncan Jones did with ‘Moon’, a small masterpiece that was unjustly ignored by almost every awards ceremony a few years back. His sophomore feature ‘Source Code’ last year was very good also, though not quite on the same level. Jones is one more good flick away from really breaking though, and Variety is reporting here that he just might have that project now set up. He’s going to direct a film about James Bond creator and author Ian Fleming, who was a bit of a spy himself in his younger days. There’s no word yet on who’s going to be writing the movie, but I’d have to imagine they’ll be getting someone good. After the jump I’ll put forward a casting suggestion for Fleming, but in Duncan I trust, so I expect this to be a great flick when it all comes together.

Fleming looked a bit like James Woods in his later years, but since this is essentially an origin story for the man who created Bond, that won’t matter. I’d like to see either Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Foster, or James McAvoy take the part, but my first choice would actually be Tom Hiddleston. That’s just me though…what about you?

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