Box Office Review: ‘Brave’ is Right on Target

Brave, Pixar’s 13th release, successfully dominated the box office this weekend, bringing in $66.7 million, more than three times the amount of this week’s runner-up, Madagascar 3 ($20.2 mil). I don’t think any of us are surprised at this result, as all 13 Pixar films have debuted at number one. Yeah, even Cars 2. Pixar’s box office results remain pretty consistent with the quality of films that studio puts out. And while I wouldn’t rank Brave among the finest delivered by the company, it certainly remains a film worth seeing. Brave was respectfully dedicated to the late Steve Jobs, who created the animation studio. You can read Joseph’s review here.

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Another new release, Timur Bekmambetov’s (Wanted) absurd looking R-Rated feature Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, came in third place behind the two animated features, with a less than modest $16.5 million haul. Prometheus (now over the $100 million mark) and Snow White and the Huntsman (also over that mark) finished 4th and 5th, respectively.

In more limited release, the Steve Carrell/Keira Knightley drama/comedy Seeking A Friend for the End of the World had a bit of a disappointing debut, bringing in $3.8 million. Joseph’s review here. While Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love had a pretty fantastic start, with earnings of $379k in just 5 theaters. Rome’s early success can likely be credited to the raves Allen’s Oscar-winning film, Midnight in Paris, received just last year. Read Joey’s review here, along with his coverage of the film’s New York Press Conference, here.

Box Office recap:

1. Brave – $66.7 million
3. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – $20.2 million
2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – $16.5 million
4. Prometheus – $10.0 million
5. Snow White and the Huntsman – $8.0 million