Comic-Con Interview: Storyboard Artists and Art Directors of Film and TV


ADG LogoIt’s not often that you get to sit down with Tim Burton’s art director, the storyboard artist who worked on the Jurassic Park series, or meet the man who helped Gore Verbinski sell Pirates of the Caribbean to executives. But that’s exactly what happen on the last Saturday of Comic-Con when I was invited to sit down with storyboard artists Dave Lowery (Oz the Great and Powerful)Derek Gogol (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)Trevor Goring (Real Steel), and art directors Suzuki Ingerslev (True Blood), Rick Heinrichs (Dark Shadows), and Dominic Watkins (Snow White and the Huntsman). Movies being an inherently visual medium, it was great to hear the stories from these creators on how they take a script and turn it into a visual spectacle.  It was also interesting to hear from them about the business of their jobs, from projects that didn’t work out to how they use images or sets they built ultimately help to sell the film to executives. There are some real gems and exclusive scoops about upcoming movies in these interviews so check them out!

Dave Lowery (Oz the Great and Powerful, Jurassic Park 1,2,3)

Derek Gogol (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)

Trevor Goring (Real Steel)

Suzuki Ingerslev (True Blood)

Rick Heinrichs (Dark Shadows)

Dominic Watkins (Snow White and the Huntsman) This podcast starts with us in the middle of talking about Game of Thrones, fyi…