Taking Questions for Power Hour!


It’s that time again, we’re taking questions for this week’s Power Hour, this time with a new twist! There are now two ways to get your question asked and answered on the podcast. You can either leave a comment in the comment section or you can use the handy sidebar to the right of the screen that says send in a podcast question. Using this will enable you to leave us a voicemail copy of your question, meaning your voice and intelligent query/comment/question could be featured on the next podcast! If you happen to be perusing Facebook and want to leave a voicemail question, you can do so with the Speak Pipe app right under the cover photo of Christopher Nolan or click this link. Look forward to hearing/seeing your thoughts!

  • yshark

    From all the films this year you’ve seen so far, what would be your picks for Best Film, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress ?
    (sorry if this has already been covered before)

  • Aaron

    How are Joss Whedon’s chances of getting nominated for an Oscar this year?

  • Javier Hurt

    On a percentage scale, how much chance does Brave still have of winning best Animated Feature? I’d say about 25%, right now, when we still haven’t seen anything better, even though everything else has sucked big time.

  • Eoin Daly

    Why do you think there has been no material released for Lincolm. When dop you think we will get any news.