TV Review: Last Resort (***)

Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Karl Gajdusek (Dead Like Me) bring us ABC’s ambitious new thriller, Last Resort, which had its pilot episode premiere on Thursday night. While there are the usual plot holes and weak dialogue that seems to plague network television nowadays, the pilot delivered enough tension and drama to leave me thinking […]

TV Review: Downton Abbey (***)

Despite a mild backlash from a minority of rather high-profile critics, hit period drama Downton Abbey returned to UK television earlier this month for a much anticipated third run. Since its September 2010 debut, the record-breaking show has captivated viewers with its lavish production and soap opera storylines that juxtapose the upstairs-downstairs relationships between a […]

End of Watch (****)

Every once in a while, a film sneaks up on you and absolutely knocks your socks off. It’s hardly a rare occurrence these days, especially for me, but it’s happened again with ‘End of Watch’, a cop movie that I believe will go down as filmmaker David Ayer’s masterpiece. Now, I should mention that I […]

The Impossible (***½)

A film that captures real life the way J.A. Bayona captures it in his newest film The Impossible is a rare occurrence in filmmaking.  Not only does he pay respect to the countless victims that were lost in the devastating tragedy, he makes artistic choices and liberties only the most seasoned directors can take.  Starring Academy Award Nominee Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, the film […]

Stars in Shorts (***)

Stars in Shorts is a film/television special (courtesy of Shorts HD) featuring a collection of seven shorts that famous (or should be famous) stars…well, you know…star in. If I haven’t reiterated that four-letter word enough yet, I hope you’ll catch my drift by the end of the review. The good news about the inconsistent, if […]