For Your Consideration Sites and Campaigns Gear Up!


The studios have started activating their “FYC (For Your Consideration)” websites and listing their contenders for each film for the 2013 Academy Awards.  Some interesting things already happening is Anne Hathaway’s turn in The Dark Knight Rises will be campaigned as a Lead performance by Warner Brothers.  The same company will also push Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in Lead categories in Cloud Atlas.  As everyone knows, the Weinsteins are the first official company to get out screeners.  Many said Richard Linklater’s Bernie was the first but was deemed ineligible as a campaign.  The Weinsteins sent out screeners for The Intouchables earlier this week to all Academy members.

I will include the sites that have already gone live with notable commentary for each one.

Disney Studios has gone LIVE:

  • Brave has all categories listed including two Original songs; “Touch the Sky” and “Learn me Right”
  • Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie is listed under Original Screenplay.  The film also has an Original Song, “Strange Love.”
  • Paperman, an Animated Short, is listed in its respective category.
  • Wreck-It Ralph is listed for Original Screenplay and an Original Song, “When Can I See You Again?”
  • No Disney film is listed for Best Picture.  Hmmm?  They must know what they have.

Sony Pictures Classics Awards Site is LIVE:

  • Michael Haneke’s Amour listed in all its categories including Lead campaigns for Jean-Louis Tringnant and Emmanuelle Riva.  Co-star Isabelle Hupert is also listed in Supporting Actress.  The film however, is not listed for Foreign Language film.  Perhaps just an oversight?  or separate campaign for that category?
  • Jacques Audiard’s Rust & Bone listed in its respective categories including Best Actress for Marion Cotillard and Best Actor Matthias Schoenaerts.
  • Documentary hopeful, Searching for Sugar Man listed for not only Documentary Feature but Best Picture, Original Screenplay, and Editing.
  • West of Memphis, which received great reviews out of TIFF, is listed in Documentary along Director for Amy Berg, and Original Screenplay.  The film is also scored by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis and has an Original Song, “Anything Made of Paper.”
  • James Ponsoldt’s Smashed has a campaign for Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Lead Actress.  Aaron Paul is also listed under Lead Actor.  No score or original songs coming from the film.
  • Celeste & Jesse Forever has Rashida Jones competing in Lead Actress and Original Screenplay with co-writer Will McCormack.  The film also has the original song, “No Other Plans.”
  • The link for Woody Allen’s To Rome, with Love is broken (for now).
  • The Dark Knight Rises gets its respective categories listed.  Anne Hathaway who plays Selina Kyle is being pushed Lead in an awards season surprise.  Maybe to prevent a split with her performance in Les Miserables?
  • Argo has all the expected suspects listed including Ben Affleck in Director, Lead Actor, and a Producing Credit.  Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman are all listed in Supporting Actor.
  • Cloud Atlas has its three directors listed, Andy and Lana Wachowski, and Tom Tykwer, who are producers as well. Tom Hanks will be pushed Lead Actor with Halle Berry going for Lead Actress. Tom Tykwer shares an Original Score campaign with Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil.  A little funny thing is there are seven actors listed in Supporting Actor and only three women in Supporting Actress (Susan Sarandon, Doona Bae, and Zhou Xun).
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has screenings listed (first is on 12/14 in NYC) but only 3 categories so far listed for Picture, Director, and Adapted Screenplay.  I’m sure there are more to come.
The Weinstein Company’s Award Site is up:
  • No films listed yet.

Dreamworks Awards Site is LIVE:

  • The only film listed is Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.  The only notable thing is they only list Tommy Lee Jones under the Best Supporting Actors.  It’s the easiest get for sure but they could at least pretend they’re trying for James Spader or David Strathairn.
Fox Searchlight Pictures site is LIVE:
  • They have their four horses, Beasts of the Southern Wild, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Hitchcock, and The Sessions.  They don’t usually list their categories but they have their screening schedules up.  Looks like I see Hitchcock on 11/8 with a Q&A.  YES!
Lionsgate Awards site is up:
  • No films or categories listed yet.

20th Century Fox is up:

Dreamworks Animation site is up:

  • No films listed yet.

Focus Features Awards is up:

  • They haven’t updated it yet.

Paramount Pictures site is up:

  • Has not been updated since last year’s wins for Hugo and Rango.

Sony Pictures is up:

  • Has not been updated since last year’s slate.

Comment and discuss!

  • Jo

    Thanks guys !
    I Think Amour definitely has a shot in Best Picture and best original screenplay. That’s a movie you won’t forget whatever if you’ve liked it or not. Personally I think it’s gonna have a huge impact on the academy. Maybe a bit because of their age average.
    I loved Hathaway in TDKR but… come on! Oscar worthy? Ledger I perfectely understand even if I wasn’t really for him, but if the role of catwoman in a leading category? No, no and no.

    Argo and The silver Linings playbook has a big shot in Best picture. These movies are amazing thus I admit I was a little disappointed about Jennifer Lawrence. I think she is extremely lovable but Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro are really the ones standing out of there comfort zone. And please give some attention to John Goodman which has been in more best pictures than Brando.

    About “Rust & Bone” I really would like to make a highlight on the special effects. There are not a lot of it, but the quality is really there. I still can’t believe I saw Marion Cotillard without legs swimming, having sex, being carried…She appears a lot on screen without her legs and it’s pretty amazing! I was more impressed by these effects than the entire Transformers series. At least it’s a good reason for using the CGI.

    Marion Cotillard is certainly gonna be nominated, personally it’s my favorite performance of the year. Her performance is very powerful and haunting (+ no makeup). Mathias S. is very good too and in an English-picture he would definitely be nominated but unfortunately he doesn’t have the popularity of Hollywood’s princess. I mean this woman got out of nowhere and in just five years she created one of the most enviable post-Oscar career I’ve ever seen. She really should talk to Taylor Kitch and show him what kind of blockbuster he should do! (Public Ennemies/Inception/TDKR) and not do! (John Carter/Battleship). I can’t wait to see your review about “Rust & Bone”

    I think Wreck-It Ralph is gonna be a smash-hit and Hobbit an unexpected journey could be nominated for Best picture too because the three past Lord of the Ring were all nominated for it. Beast of the Western wild is gonna be (unfortunately) forgotten by the academy. Too much competition in the Best picture race. And if there is ten nominees, I think Wreck-It Ralph could join the others in the race.

    I also believe The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Hitchcock, and The Sessions are all gonna get consideration in acting categories.

    • Sam

      Yeah I agree with a lot of things you’ve said. I love Goodman too he is a really good actor and since the 90s we don’t see him enough. Marion seems pretty awesome in “rust & Bone” i never read one bad thing about her or her acting in this movie even if some people hated the movie, it seems like she really pulled-it off. I must admit now that you talked about it she as an impressive “post-Oscar career”( I like this one). I hate “love stories” but Amour and Rust & Bone seem to be very unconventional so I will go watch them both.
      I saw Argo and OMG! It’s an amazing movie! (And I was very happy to see Goodman!)
      Wreck-It Ralph is definitely gonna be a mega-hit, even I will go for the first time since I had 8 see an animated picture because it really seems awesome ! But I do believe Beast of the Southern Wild will be a major player at the Oscars.
      I just need to see Silver linings playbook before saying anythiing about it.

  • Jack

    Can you get screeners even if you are not a critic or guild member? Say whenever you go onto the weinstein awards page and it asks for your info, could you put it in and they send it to you? may be a dumb question, but wondering. ha

    • Clayton Davis

      Unfortunately not my friend

  • Hathaway lead for The Dark Knight Rises? That I did not expect. In all seriousness though, I think Bale’s arc in ‘Rises’ would legitimately warrant a consideration. It won’t happen, but it could be argued.

  • Alexander West

    I’m really hoping Looper and End of Watch get some consideration. Looper for Rian Johnsons cleverly, yet emotionally charged screenplay, crisp editing, and textured sound design.. End of Watch for Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaals raw, chemistry fueled performances and David Ayers witty, gritty script.