“The Voice” Recap: Battle Rounds, Part 4


The Voice continued the blood, sweat and tears that comes with these intense Battle Rounds. Last night, only one contestant was “stolen” (safe to fight another day), and I couldn’t have asked for a better result. Find out how each of the battles went, as well as which lucky singer managed to overcome certain death…after the jump!

Team Blake Round Six: Liz Davis VS. Nicole Johnson “Baggage Claim” — Song promotion for the wifey, eh Blake? I saw what was going on, but I ignored it and just sat listening to both ladies sing. Liz Davis is my Jordis Unga of the season. The fans and coaches hype her up, but I honestly don’t see the big deal. I will admit this: she hasn’t selected or been given the right songs to show off that booming voice of hers. I agree with Blake that there was just an overall lack of energy, and as an experienced professional there’s no excuse not to perform onstage like it’s your farewell concert. In my eyes, Nicole may not have had the best control of her breathing or the ability to steer the song in a melodically appropriate way, but the potential for greatness was there. Nicole certainly impressed me more than she did during her blind audition, and I think it was because she was so fearless and made the track sound a hell of a lot cooler than its cheesy lyrics implied. I would have given the win to Nicole, but here’s to hoping Liz Davis finally wows in the near future. So far, I don’t understand the appeal.

Performance Reviews: Liz (**1/2), Nicole (***). Winner: Liz, Eliminated: Nicole

Find out below whether Blake’s gals do his wife’s song justice:

Team Adam Round 4: Kayla Nevarez VS. Alessandra Guercio “Wide Awake” — Oh Adam, why do you have to pit two girls against each other that are so incredible and deserve to kick major ass this season? I’ll admit, both songstresses need to mature as vocalists, and yet their voices were so unique and entertaining to listen to. Kayla has this very innocent vibrato that commands attention, but Alessandra’s attitude and technical precision is more my cup of tea. I loved when Alessandra got down and gritty, but I wonder if Adam’s criticism concerning her obsession with technical perfection related to Pia Toscano, her former “Grenade” groupie on Idol. Alessandra is nowhere near the vocalist Pia is, but at least the girl can move around in heels and, you know, perform. Call me biased towards my Idol alums, but Alessandra was the winner for me. However, I’m beyond ecstatic that she’s paired up with Christina, who I felt was the best fit for her during the blind auditions. I believe Christina sees herself in Alessandra, and hopefully that means my Idol alum will stick around at least an episode or more.

Performance Reviews: Kayla (***), Alessandra (***). Winner: Kayla, Stolen: Alessandra (Team Christina)

Listen to the tense battle below:

Team Cee Lo Round Six: MacKenzie Bourg VS. Emily Earle “Good Times” — Marshmallows and lollipops…it’s the tween sensations! I’m sure both of these kids are as sweet as their syrupy voices, but my god, how uncomfortable was it to watch this manufactured performance? It was as if the pair were wind-up dolls and Cee Lo had gleefully turned their keys, releasing them onto that stage without a trace of bravery in their eyes, fear palpably glowing. Mackenzie was able to cover up his trepidation a bit, but poor Emily looked as though she was walking towards her executioner (try not to read too hard into that ironic statement). I actually loved Emily’s twang, and I wish we had heard more of that sass and spunk in the blind auditions. MacKenzie is playing up his Bieber vibe, and it wins over Christina (shocker!) and Cee Lo, though to a lesser extent. I guess his voice was more consistent and, I hate to admit, more radio-ready. Still, I could see how his penchant for squeaks could annoy, and hopefully he finds his own voice and style rather than mimic the most famous teenage wallaby in the world.

Performance Reviews: MacKenzie (**1/2), Emily (**). Winner: MacKenie, Eliminated: Emily

Candyland is less cloyingly sweet than this:

It’s not fair to review these battles since they’re little more than appetizers, but here’s the montage clip of Mycle Wastman defeating Ben Taub, Michelle Brooks-Thompson taking down Adanna Duru, and Laura Vivas edging out singing duo Beat Frequency (really?):

Here are my rankings for last night’s battles:

1. Kayla Nevarez VS. Alessandra Guercio
2. Liz Davis VS. Nicole Johnson
3. MacKenzie Bourg VS. Emily Earle

This was probably the weakest episode of the Battle Rounds thus far, but we still have a ways to go! As usual, post your thoughts, predictions and whatever else comes to mind in the comments section! Until next week, readers!

  • Helen

    I really like MacKenzie. I don’t think that Owl City song did him (or Emily) any favors, but I am looking forward to seeing more from him. I think he has a lot of potential. The battle rounds have been pretty entertaining so far. I usually have plans with a couple of my DISH co-workers on Monday nights, so sadly I won’t be watching the next episode live. I’m glad I can count on my Hopper to record it for me to watch when I get home. They’ve saved some of my favorite singers for the last few battles, so I’m looking forward to it!