Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit: October 13th – 19th

Around the Circuit: October 13th – 19th

It’s time to visit the week that was via our Around the Circuit piece, where we look back at articles that we feel are worth your time covering the Oscar race, new releases, or really just anything film related.

Link(s) of the week:

Michael C. at The Film Experience, Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter, and Kris Tapley at In Contention all dished on the strong possibility of a 6th Oscar nomination for Denzel Washington (and perhaps a third win) after having seen Flight at the NYFF. While Sasha Stone at Awards Daily tackles the entire Lead Actor race.

It seems I am not the only moron predicting The Hobbit for a Best Picture nomination. Tom O’Neil at Gold Derby looks at each category the film stands a chance at a nomination in, but (like me) understands that it will be an uphill battle due to the more children-friendly tone of the book/film, despite the 30 nominations The Lord of the Rings trilogy received over three years.

Oliver Lyttelton at The Playlist wonders if Mary Elizabeth Winstead can sneak into the Lead Actress race (for Smashed), while Brad Brevet of Rope of Silicon already has the field narrowed down to nine contenders.

Edward Douglas at Coming Soon raves about John Hawkes performance in The Sessions, and sits down to have a chat with the actor.

The guys at In Contention took turns weighing the pros and cons of each actor in the running for Supporting Actor.

Around the Circuit

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