Dancing with the Stars All-Stars: Week 6 Results


Monday night on Dancing with the Stars All-Stars, the stars were tasked with incorporating country into their routines while performing a 20 second solo and then following it up with a group dance in which Kirstie Alley received 2 extra bonus points. Disney star Sabrina Bryan led the pack while soap star Kelly Monaco found herself at the bottom of the leaderboard. So who went home Tuesday night? Let’s find out.

The three stars that found themselves in jeopardy were… Melissa Rycroft, Apolo Ohno and Sabrina Bryan. Melissa Rycroft was pronounced safe leaving Apolo Ohno and Sabrina Bryan as the remaining two.
The star who won’t be returning next week is…

Sabrina Bryan.

They say it’s a shocking elimination because she was at the top of the leaderboard but her leaving makes sense to me. I just wish it was Emmitt Smith instead.

Tune in for Dancing with the Stars Monday night at 8pm ET on ABC!

  • John Rivera

    pardon my language but HOLY SHIT IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I think it’s unfair because everyone else made the final 3 on their original season