Joey’s DVD Picks of the Week (11/06/2012)


Happy election day everyone. All across the United States, citizens are going to the polls to either re-elect President Barack Obama or replace him with former Governor Mitt Romney. Regardless of your politics, I’d like to quickly encourage all of you to make time to go vote. It’s the clearest way to express yourself in this country. I know how I’m going to vote (and anyone who reads my Facebook and/or Twitter knows too), but no matter who you back, make sure to cast that ballot! Alright, now back to the regularly scheduled column. This week, we have a nice variety of films hitting Blu-Ray/DVD. The main flick getting most of the attention, along with my top honors, is another superhero/comic book movie, but one somewhat in the shadows of the two big ones from earlier this year. There are other things to talk about, but at least for my PICK OF THE WEEK, I’m going with the superhero. You must know who/what I’m talking about, but in case you don’t, I won’t obfuscate this one at all. It’s:

The Amazing Spider-Man

I know that some are more mixed on this reboot of the webslinger than I am, but I think this is the best Spidey flick to date. Marc Webb was able to direct the character interaction between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone with aplomb, so it added something to the previous Sam Raimi action extravaganzas. This certainly isn’t a perfect picture, but I had a lot of fun with it and greatly look forward to the sequel. This one actually comes out on Friday, not Tuesday, but regardless of that I highly recommend it. Pick it up and enjoy!

-The other film this week I’m giving a thumbs up to is the indie dramedy Your Sister’s Sister. The trio of Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Mark Duplass were incredibly charming in this messy and emotional flick from Lynn Shelton. I liked it when it came out and now that it’s available for more to see, I’m glad that others will be able to discover it as well. It’s not among the top tier of 2012 releases, but it’s still an easy one to recommend…

-The rest of the movies out today include the decent and surprisingly goofy horror sequel [Rec] 3: Genesis, the mediocre drama Trishna, the highly disappointing melodrama and would be awards contender 360, plus the animated flick Arthur Christmas, the horror film The Pact, and the drama Even the Rain. I’ve only seen the first 3, but the other 3 don’t seem to have too many defenders either, so it’s pretty clear to me that this is a grouping that won’t have too huge an appeal. You honestly could do worse, but especially this week you can do much better as well, so take that for what it’s worth here.

-My Vintage pick, in honor of this week’s release of Skyfall (as well as Bond Week here at The Awards Circuit), is my current favorite James Bond film. I love Skyfall, but I’ll need to stew on that one a bit more, but for my money, the most enjoyable 007 feature to date is Casino Royale, which gets the citation this week here. Our introduction to Daniel Craig is also our reintroduction to the character of 007, giving him a whole new identity in many ways. I adored the flick and while the newest installment is perhaps even better, that’s something I’ll save for my review later. There’s a lot to love about Casino Royale, and it’s an incredibly good way to prep for the latest Bond movie. Honestly, even watch Quantum of Solace if you absolutely have to, but make sure you include Casino Royale…

What will you be watching on Blu-Ray/DVD this week? Discuss in the comments!

  • Joey Magidson

    Remember, The Amazing Spider-Man comes out on Friday, not the usual Tuesday…

  • Jessie Makowski

    The Amazing Spider-Man really was amazing to me!

    • Joey Magidson

      No argument here…

  • Kim

    Guess I might check out Spider Man now

    • Joey Magidson

      Go for it…