Academy Idol Season 6 Announcement


The 26 films have been announced for the sixth season of Academy Idol.  13 Original and 13 Adapted films will compete for your votes every week until the Oscars.  Voting opens next Sunday.  The video was created by Awards Circuit’s old-time friend Myles Hughes.

Comment and discuss! Which film will you be rooting for?

  • John Rivera

    I was talking to Joseph the other day and I told him every year at the start of the season I choose one movie that will win,and i’ve only been right once.
    Season 1 – No Country For Old Men
    Season 2 – The Dark Knight
    Season 3 – The Hurt Locker
    Season 4 – The Social Network
    Season 5 – Drive
    This season I chose
    Season 6 – Argo

  • UBourgeois

    Pity for no End of Watch, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Killing Them Softly, This is 40, or Skyfall.

    • Joey Magidson

      They certainly were in play, I can assure you of that…

  • Joey Magidson

    It’s going to be an interesting season, as always…

  • This will be very interesting indeed. Usually the Academy Idol favors the art house fanboy films, but there are so many of them out there that it will be hard pin pointing a favorite this early on.

  • Wonderful video! Found myself wanting to see movies I know I didn’t even like in the theater. 🙂 Maybe Myles Hughes should have made the originals.

  • paula gajardo

    this is an amazing video! my favourite to win this year is SILVER LININGS PLAYBLOOK, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES AND ARGO