Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 31: Full Oscar Rundown, Early Django Screenings, Academy Idol Results and Wild Cards

It’s a lengthy podcast today but it’s Oscar-filled and we run through nearly every single category.  Even talk about the Globes a bit. We work through the Shorts first.  Has anyone seen them? Original Song – Who’s is it to lose? Original Score – Editor drops Desplat, so who can win?  John Williams posed for […]

Oscar Circuit – Music vs. History

With two (really one) contender left to be unveiled, this is the most exciting awards race I’ve covered in all my years of Oscar prognosticating.  Every category is competitive and with races like this, anything can happen.  Along with updating the official Oscar Predictions, I’ve updated the major precursors such as the Golden Globe Awards and […]

Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 12/2)

Hello again, all ye faithful readers of The Awards Circuit. As I’m sure you noticed, we were experiencing some technical difficulties earlier in the week due to increased online traffic and had to perform a full update so you all could have the most comfortable experience possible browsing through our beloved site. We thank you […]

The Hypnotist (***)

Lasse Hallström’s The Hypnotist is a spine-tingling thriller that marks the famed director’s first Swedish production in over twenty years. A return to his home turf after a long absence, coupled with Hallström’s prestige in the eyes of The Academy™ (Cider House Rules, anyone?), is perhaps why the entire country put their full support behind a film […]

Early Twitter Reactions from ‘Django Unchained’ Screening

They seem to all cite Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson.  No sign of Leo.  Even praise for Don Johnson.  Many saying it’s fantastic.  My interest has just shot up through the roof.  I’ll find out Wednesday.  Read some down below: Jeff Goldsmith [email protected] From start to finish Django Unchained is a fantastic crowd pleaser. […]