They seem to all cite Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson.  No sign of Leo.  Even praise for Don Johnson.  Many saying it’s fantastic.  My interest has just shot up through the roof.  I’ll find out Wednesday.  Read some down below:

Jeff Goldsmith ?@yogoldsmith
From start to finish Django Unchained is a fantastic crowd pleaser. Smartly humorous, great action & dialogue – Definite awards contender!

Jeff Goldsmith ?@yogoldsmith
Interestingly there were many nuanced changes to the leaked script- some minor, some completely new scenes plus cuts as well. Great writing!

Anne Thompson ?@akstanwyck
Django unchained is super violent spaghetti western w/ anachronistic songs. waltz & jackson steal it. All talk & action. 1st screening.

Anne Thompson ?@akstanwyck
Standing ovation for Tarantino at DGA. Taylor hackford doing q and a.

david ehrlich ?@davidehrlich
DJANGO UNCHAINED: holy shite. brutally hilarious spaghetti comedy does for business what Basterds did for war. Best American film of 2012.

Ho. Ly. Crap. #DjangoUnchained! BEYOND BRILLIANT PERFORMANCES! INCREDIBLE Q&A with Mr. Tarantino himself!

D-Dub ?@silkyd67
Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino’s first DGA film, is funny, crazy violent, thoroughly entertaining. Luv that Christoph Waltz

D-Dub ?@silkyd67
Django Unchained: Don Johnson needs to work more. He and Christoph Waltz together..awesome

Lou Lumenick ?@LouLumenick
Just watched what was basically a three-hour homage to BLAZING SADDLES

Julie Seureau ?@IndieJuls
Really happy to have been to the advanced screening of #Django. Christoph Waltz is such an extraordinary actor. He really stole the thunder!

Julie Seureau ?@IndieJuls
#Django was a great film: very bloody but also very funny. The kind of film that makes you laugh about issues you don’t usually laugh at!

Eric Appel ?@erockappel
Well, Django Unchained is fricking incredible. Shit, man. The best. Tarantino is the King! Wow!

joshua cordes ?@yumyumfish
Django Unchained was incredible. And this isn’t just some “I saw it first” shite happening. Hilarious and exciting. Shoe in Best Pic nom.

AnnaMaria DeMara ?@iamBANANNA
Just saw Django Unchained WOW!! Amazzzzzzing – One of His best movies! & Tarantino showed up for Q & A’s

Tarantino’s awesome Django unchained its over 2 1/2 hrs & has the best bloodiest shoot out’s ever, fantastic performances even from Don Johnson & the KKK will never be the same go see it in the dark with strangers

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