National Board of Review Preview and Predictions

Tomorrow the prestigious National Board of Review will unveil their slate of films and performances they consider the best of 2012.  After yesterday’s long and sort of surprising announcement of the New York Film Critics, all eyes are on this group.  The National Board of Review are known to kick-start campaigns for films pundits and […]

Spotlight on Scores: Prometheus and Looper

Musical scores are the last thing added to movie, but are often the lynch pin in the cinematic experience. Think about how you found yourself humming along to the themes or being moved to tears by a scene underscored with emotional music. There have been so many good scores this year so I thought we’d […]

Sizing Up: Best Adapted Screenplay

We’re coming to the end of the Sizing Up series at The Awards Circuit, which is of course the making of early groupings of the hopefuls for each major Oscar category, in case somehow you forgot. This is the second to last and tackles the Best Adapted Screenplay race.  For now though, we’ll focus here […]

Circuit Consideration – Clarke Peters

Film: Red Hook Summer For Your Consideration: Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Director: Spike Lee Screenplay: Spike Lee and James McBride Realistic Nominations: None Oscar Scene: “We live in a world of SHOULD! NOT! BE!” Even for a Spike Lee joint, the reactions to Red Hook Summer were extremely polarizing, which […]

Box Office (12.02.12)

What a thrill! The international release of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2‘ (Sum.) has landed at the top of almost all of the charts. Beating out ‘Skyfall‘ (Sony) without a hitch, it also remains #1 during this week’s box office count. Within the top 10, ‘Skyfall‘ follows at #2 and ‘Lincoln‘ (BV) at […]

Seth MacFarlane to Follow Up ‘Ted’ with Western Comedy

After his surprisingly successful live-action directorial debut, Ted, Seth MacFarlane is gearing up for his next project, which he plans to direct and star in.   He’s joined by his Ted co-writers, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, in penning A Million Ways to Die in the West, an offbeat comedy in the vein of Blazing […]

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (***)

I’ve long been a big admirer of Edward Burns as a filmmaker. He’s entertained me as an actor, but his contributions to cinema as a writer/director have been consistently underrated. ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas’ is his 11th outing behind the camera, and not only is it one of his best, it’s also in many ways […]

‘The Voice’ Recap: Reviewing the Top 6

Hello again, fans of The Voice! I’m going to start off by being very matter-of-fact: My interest in the season has taken an extreme nosedive following the elimination of my favorite contestant, Cody Belew — AKA the most interesting and entertaining reality show talent since American Idol’s Haley Reinhart — and the unfortunate dismissal of […]

Joey’s DVD Picks of the Week (12/04/2012)

This week, there’s literally a ton of films hitting Blu-Ray/DVD, among them one of the year’s most gargantuan flicks. It’s release slates like this that make me love the column as much as I do. Hey, whenever I can wholeheartedly recommend a half dozen titles, that’s a top notch group in my book, and that’s […]