Weinstein Company Confirms Christoph Waltz back in SUPPORTING for ‘Django Unchained’


A representative for the Weinstein Company has just confirmed that Christoph Waltz’s role in Django Unchained will be campaigned as a Supporting role for the rest of the awards season.  Waltz, who plays Dr. King Schultz ,will now compete against co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who just won the National Board of Review’s award for Supporting Actor and Academy Award nominee, Samuel L. Jackson.  Waltz was named one of the runner-ups in the recent New York Film Critics Circle. just earlier this week.

Many critics (including myself) have seen the film during the past week but are currently under embargo until Wednesday, December 12.  Until then, all you’re going to have to do is speculate.

Do you feel Waltz’s chances have just improved?

Comment and discuss.

  • MovieFan

    Can’t wait to see this film.

  • UBourgeois

    Category fraud a la Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master, from what I understand, but what’re you gonna do? More importantly, this changes the whole face of the category.

    • Steve Glansberg

      I concur with the sentiment on Hoffman. Even in such a great year of lead performances, I would have him in my five for lead actor. However, he has a better chance in supporting, and I’m happy just as long as he’s nominated somewhere.

      If anything, I think this news helps Jones and Hoffman and hurts pretty much everyone else. Votes are going to go every which way for the Django trio, without a clear favorite, and some voters may vote for an extra Django supporting player or two instead of one of the other long-shots, like Jude Law, McConaughey, Clarke, or DeNiro. It all depends on how much the average voter likes Django. So right now I see two sure bets (Jones and Hoffman), one likely (Redmayne), and seven or eight others all slugging it out for the last two nominations.

  • Kenny

    Sally Field wins best supporting actress at New York Film critics. Lots of support from “Old Hollywood”. Hathaway’s chances have really dwindled. It’s Sally’s turn, 28 years later since Places In The Heart. . She’s this years Streep

  • GL

    Expected. He came in second at the NYFCC in the supporting category, however DiCaprio won NBR sooooooooo this is really an odd spot for them! Reminds me a lot of The Fighter and that whole Leo vs Adams.

  • Sean

    so basically they just fucked Leo out on an oscar and Jackson too if the early word on his performance is to be believed. the weinsteins never do right by Quentin. ever.

  • koook160 (Robert MacFarlane)

    Cowards. If he deserves to get nominated, it should be in THE RIGHT. FRICKING. CATEGORY. Why should someone get nominated under false pretenses? It’s not fair to character actors that actually ARE supporting players. But no, fuck the little guy. Leads are all anyone cares about anyway.

    • Clayton Davis

      Without giving anything away. I agree with the categorization. It’s Foxx’s vehicle.

  • moviewatcher

    WHY? NOOOO!!! Waltz has an oscar already! Dicaprio has ZE-RO (as bill clinton would say).

    Totally agreed with sean. I have no idea how django will play out the rest of the season. It’s a real wild card, this one…

  • Seriously, do the companies actually get to decide which category?