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    2012 Precursor Check-In

    If you haven’t had an opportunity or unaware that it exists, our 2012 Precursors Page is up and running, keeping a tally of all the awards being given out throughout the season. Take a look at the leaders below:

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    ‘Great Gatsby’ Posters Showcase Edgerton and Fisher!

    Check out Edgerton’s poster after the jump.

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    Malick’s ‘To the Wonder’ Trailer Arrives

    Terence Malick’s latest film, To the Wonder, played at the Venice and Toronto film festivals this year, and now we are finally getting a look at this first beautiful trailer. The film, as it seems to be with all Malick’s movies, looks stunning, thanks in large part to the great Emmanuel Lubezki’s...

  • Film Reviews
    The Guilt Trip (**½)

    I’m sure I’m hardly the only one who never expected to see Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand share the silver screen, but that’s just what they do in ‘The Guilt Trip’, a harmless comedy that mostly works due to the chemistry of the pair. There’s not a whole lot to love here,...

  • Film Reviews
    Monsters, Inc. 3D (***½)

    What better way to spend the holidays than curling up under the covers after a hard day of work and play, ready for a long nap only to then be woken up by a creaking sound, your closet door slowly opening and out emerges a vicious monster ready to steal your screams...