ACADEMY_IDOL_6The Top 11 films competed for your votes.  It was Precursors Week.  One film is eliminated from the competition with the next week’s theme and lineup revealed.  Check it out!

Comment and discuss! Are you surprised? Which films do you think should have been in the Bottom Three? Which film do you think will go home next week?

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  • GL

    Well that stinks, Moonrise Kingdom has done far better “precursor” wise than Cabin In the Woods. The biggest flaw with Academy Idol is that you guys don’t take the initiative to persuade voters to vote accordingly to the theme of that week. Take the 7 days it takes to vote or so to put forth sort of “FYC” articles showcasing each entry in a positive light in accordance to the theme of that week. All everyone is doing is voting blindly like fanboys. You might as well just kill the themes and keep the voting process point blank.

  • I can’t call the choice unexpected, but I am still surprised that certain films are around…

  • PhiLL

    Two of the best gone… 3 counting Django. Disappointed this year. Guess i’m rooting for Silver Linings and Cabin.

  • Michael

    The poll is closed again this week, even after deleting cookies on both of my browers, Firefox and Opera. It would be nice if this could be fixed since it is the second time in three weeks.

  • Cabin in the Woods definitely deserves to be in the Top 5. Let’s make it happen!