Circuit 3: Biggest Oscar Snubs and Most Pleasant Inclusions


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With the announcement of this mornings Oscar nominations, I doubt anyone wants to talk about much else. So we are doing a special version of Circuit 3 this week, where you can rank the three omissions that bugged you the most, as well as the three nominees you are most happy to see get honored. You can see my choices after the jump, and then leave your own in the comments below.

My Circuit 3 for Oscar Snubs:

  1. Cloud Atlas – Score
  2. Looper – Screenplay
  3. The Master – Cinematography

My Circuit 3 for Most Pleasant Inclusions:

  1. Joaquin Phoenix – Lead Actor (The Master)
  2. The Invisible War – Documentary Feature
  3. Christoph Waltz – Supporting Actor (Django Unchained)

What are your choices?

  • Chris

    1. Quentin Tarantino Director
    2. Beasts of the Southern Wild Score
    3. Looper Original Screenplay

    Pleasant Surprises
    1. Benh Zeitlin Director
    2. Christoph Waltz Supporting Actor
    3. Quvenzhane Wallis for Best Actress.

  • steve

    1. The Master for Picture/Director/O. Screenplay
    2. One of the many actors who should’ve been nominated over Denzel in Flight
    3. Moonrise Kingdom out of Picture

    Pleasant Surprise(s)
    1. Waltz over DiCaprio
    2. Haneke is in!
    3. Riva is in for sure!

    • Steve

      Have to amend this to include the snub of Kathryn Bigelow having just left ZDT. It is the best movie of the year and it blows Hurt Locker out of the water. She should have been winning for this.

  • moviewatcher

    Among viable contenders (i.e. no cloud atlas in the big categories)

    1. The Master in Picture, Director & Screenplay
    2. Cloud Atlas, Score
    3. Cotillard and Leo (haven’t seen either’s movies, but I just like them very much as actors, so…)

    Pleasant Surprises
    1. Joaquin Phoenix, The Master (loudest YES! of the day)
    2. Amour, Picture & Actress
    3. No Intouchables in Foreign film (thank GOD!!!)

    • Dan

      Leo is good, but not best in show in my book (glad Waltz got the nod). Cotillard did a fine job in Rust and Bone. Good little movie if you can find it.

  • Brian

    1. John Hawkes, The Sessions
    2. Eddie Redmayne, Les Miserables
    3. Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained

    Pleasant Surprises
    1. Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook
    2. Django Unchained for Best Picture
    3. Amy Adams, The Master

  • Thomas

    Snubs (all directors)

    Pleasant Surprises
    1.Cristoph Walt Supporting Actor
    2.Joaquin Phoenix Lead Actor
    3. No Nicole Kidman

  • Thomas

    *Christoph Waltz*

  • bryan

    1) Perks of Being a Wallflower- best adapted screenplay
    2) Here to the Moon and Back (Dolly Parton)- best original song
    3) John-Louis Trintignant of Armour- best actor
    ps, I realize these weren’t exactly favorites, but I still think they were deserving

    Pleasant surprises
    1) Not a complete domination of Les Miserables
    2) Amy Adams and Jacki Weaver best supporting actress
    3) Everybody Needs a Friend of Ted- best original song

    and just to please everybody, yes Argo should have gotten a best director nom.

  • Steve Glansberg

    1. Affleck and Bigelow, my top two choices for directing
    2. The Master in picture, director, screenplay, cinematography, editing, and sound mixing
    3. A dozen or so supporting actors from this year cut out by Alan Arkin

    1. Joaquin Phoenix for Best Actor
    2. Roger Deakins and Skyfall for cinematography
    3. Helen Hunt for Best Supporting Actress

  • Jeremy DC

    1. Kathryn Bigelow for best director
    2. Looper for original screenplay
    3. Moonrise Kingdom and The Master for best picture

    Pleasant Surprises:
    1. Joaquin Phoenix for best actor. It’s ridiculous that I even have to be surprised by this.
    2. Quentin Tarantino not nominated for best director.
    3. A foreign language film nominated for best picture.

  • missionstatement1224

    1. Moonrise Kingdom- best picture, art direction
    2. The Master- original screenplay, cinematography, art direction
    3. Perks of Being a Wallflower- best adapted screenplay
    (Ben Affleck too)

    Pleasant Surprise:
    1. Django Unchained- best picture, supporting actor
    2. Joaquin Phoenix- best actor
    3. Naomi Watts- best actress

  • oscarfan1

    Tom Hooper
    Ben Affleck
    John Hawkes

    Pleasant Surprises:
    Amour for best film

  • Joey Magidson

    Snubs (trying to be as realistic as I can and not just mention Ruby Sparks, Cabin, and End of Watch)

    1. Ben Affleck in Best Director
    2. Kathryn Bigelow in Best Director
    3. Looper in Original Screenplay

    Pleasant Inclusions

    1. Django Unchained in Best Picture
    2. Skyfall in Cinematography
    3. Everyone Needs a Best Friend in Original Song

  • Eric


    1. Ben Affleck- Director
    2. Moonrise Kingdom- Picture
    3. Looper in general


    1. Django Unchained- Picture
    2. Joaquin Phoenix- The Master
    3. Prometheus- Visual Effects (I pretty much thought they’d forget about this movie, and the effects in it are really incredible)

  • Dan


    Best Actor – John Hawkes (best performance of the year IMO)
    Best Director – Ben Affleck
    Best Director – Kathryn Bigelow
    Best Original Song – John Legend, “Who Did That to You?” (or anything else from Django).


    Best Actor – Joaquin Phoenix (glad they got over the stupid politics and recognized his comeback to masterful (no pun intended) acting)
    Best Picture – Django Unchained (always nice to see the best movie of the year in the lineup).
    Best Director – Benh Zeitlin (Hey, if Affleck or Bigelow had to go, I’m glad this newbie got in for a great little flick/passion project).


    Best Actor – Denzel Washington
    Best Supporting Actress – Jackie Weaver
    Best Original Screenplay – Flight