Circuit 3: Biggest Oscar Snubs and Most Pleasant Inclusions


Oscar Image

With the announcement of this mornings Oscar nominations, I doubt anyone wants to talk about much else. So we are doing a special version of Circuit 3 this week, where you can rank the three omissions that bugged you the most, as well as the three nominees you are most happy to see get honored. You can see my choices after the jump, and then leave your own in the comments below.

My Circuit 3 for Oscar Snubs:

  1. Cloud Atlas – Score
  2. Looper – Screenplay
  3. The Master – Cinematography

My Circuit 3 for Most Pleasant Inclusions:

  1. Joaquin Phoenix – Lead Actor (The Master)
  2. The Invisible War – Documentary Feature
  3. Christoph Waltz – Supporting Actor (Django Unchained)

What are your choices?