Golden Globes Live Blog Announcement!



Happy Sunday, everyone! Today, The Awards Circuit will be hosting a LIVE Blog of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards®. I will be running the live discussion of the telecast on behalf of the site, so please join me and the rest of the participating staff writers as we watch the madness unfold from home. The LIVE Blog will begin 30 minutes early so that way everyone can have plenty of time to arrive before the show starts. For those of you that enjoy red carpet talk and fashion, you’ll appreciate this extra allotted time even more so. The LIVE Blog will officially commence at 7:30pm Eastern/4:30pm Pacific Time.

Feel free to let us know of your participation in the comments section below. For everyone else, I look forward to seeing you all at our first LIVE Blogging event of 2013!

  • Roxy

    I believe I’ll be fast asleep (I live across the pond). So, there’s no chance of me participating in this blog. But, have fun everybody! I’ll catch up with the results after I wake up 🙂

  • John C.

    Hi Joseph,

    I look forward to participating in the blog tonight.

    John C.

  • Phill

    Happy about DJango getting screenplay, but Jackmon beating Cooper was kind of a bad joke :/

  • Elaine

    I know many people commented how rude it was to change the blog in the middle of the show. So many people were hurt and disgusted. There were so many comments on this page. Where did they all go? Our opinions don’t matter? If Mr. Davis was a smart man, he would make this right and come out and say it won’t happen again. The longer he waits, the more “taint” will come to this once beautiful website. Hopefully his other staff members will have more sense.

  • Mike

    Clayton has addressed what happened and it won’t happen again. Hopefully it will run smoothly on SAG and Oscar night.