SUNDANCE: Crystal Fairy (**)

Ever wonder what the sexual looseness of Y Tu Mama Tambien and the tropes of American films about kids getting drugs would be? Well if you did, you’d certainly be the type of audience member that a film like Crystal Fairy craves. However, if you are any kind of discerning filmgoer or stone cold sober, […]

SUNDANCE: Mud (***½)

A close backwoods cousin to Stand By Me (1986), Jeff Nichols’ Mud is an often moving and unpredictable coming of age story that benefits from some striking visuals and all around strong acting from its cast. Much like in Take Shelter (2011),  Nichols is very interested in masculinity and what it means to be a […]

SUNDANCE: Kill Your Darlings (***½)

Sundance U.S. Dramatic Competition entry Kill Your Darlings is a perfect example of how one can tell a familiar story in a unique, fascinating way. Many are familiar with the Beats generation, but the way debut director Johnathan Krokidas and co-writer Austin Bunn see it you haven’t seen the definitive version of the tale till […]