First Oscar Poster Features Host Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane might best be known for his voice on The Family Guy, but his face is about to get a whole lot more familiar. AMPAS has unveiled their first poster for the 85th Annual Academy Awards, and it is clear they are really pushing their leading man. Is this another attempt to draw in younger […]

SUNDANCE: Interview with ‘No’ Director Pablo Larrain

When I sat down with director Pablo Larrain, he was in great spirits. Who wouldn’t be after having their film nominated for an Academy Award and having it play at Sundance Film Festival to good reviews? Through the course of the interview Pablo talked about how thrilling it was to film using U-matic tape, the […]

SUNDANCE: No (***½)

No, the Chilean film recently nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars, is an engrossing look at the power of the quest to unseat General Pinochet from power through positive tv ads during the 1988 plebiscite. Director Pablo Larrain and star Gael Garcia Bernal shed a light on a unique period in Chile’s […]