SUNDANCE: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (**½)

Do you all remember that split screen in 500 Days of Summer where we see the main character’s expectations vs. reality? Well my screening of Ain’t Them Bodies Saints was very much like what the main character went through. In my mind, Aint Them Bodies Saints was a thrilling yet poetic film that would put […]

Adele to Perform Academy Award®-Nominated Song “Skyfall” at the Oscars®

This seemed inevitable, didn’t it? Regardless of being a no-brainer situation for the producers, this is great, great news! I, for one, enjoy the live performances at the Oscars, especially when we have such a fantastic song from one of the finest artists in the biz. Have a look at the official press release after […]

Oscar Circuit: Cinematography

And the Nominees Are: Roger Deakins, Skyfall Janusz Kaminski, Lincoln Claudio Miranda, Life of Pi Seamus McGarvey, Anna Karenina Robert Richardson, Django Unchained Few realize how integral cinematography is to the film experience. Without the technical prowess of “the man behind the camera,” we are lost, the magic of movies disappears, and our eyes are […]

SUNDANCE: Stoker (***)

Stoker is a delightfully demented film that derives its pleasures from uncomfortable situations, shocking violence and magnetic characters. Chan-wook Park bring his trademark visual style to deliver a feast for the eyes. And yet despite this and some fabulous performances from Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman, the plot never lets you embrace the film as […]

SUNDANCE: Stories We Tell (***½)

Stories We Tell, the sterling documentary from Sarah Polley, is a delicately assembled exploration of a family and how the stories they tell weave together a complicated tapestry. Sarah Polley starts the film nimbly enough presenting  all of the subjects, her family members and close family friends. But what starts out as a simple exploration […]