Around the Circuit

Around the Circuit: January 19th – January 25th

Around the Circuit: January 19th – January 25th


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Sasha Stone of Awards Daily examines the Best Picture race through her PGA predictions, and hopes (like me) that a win here for  Lincoln will finally lead to super-producer Kathleen Kennedy winning her first Oscar for Best Picture. She looks ahead to the SAG awards as well.

Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter updates his Oscar predictions and news on the race.

Kris Tapley of In Contention leaves Sundance looking ahead to what films might make a run at next year’s Oscars (a la Beasts of the Southern Wild this year).

Film School Rejects‘ David Christopher Bell gave us a list of 12 characters that we hate by the end of their movie.

Ben Child at The Guardian explains why he feels JJ Abrams will be the perfect choice to direct the new Star Wars film.

Treye Green at The Huffington Post looks at 12 iconic movie roles that almost went to different actors.

Around the Circuit

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