Producers Guild of America Chooses ‘Argo’



Best Motion Picture – Argo

Best Documentary Feature: Searching for Sugar Man
Reality Series
: American Masters

Animated Feature: Wreck-It Ralph

Comedy Series: Modern Family
PGA competition TV award: 
Amazing Race
Best Live Talk Show: 
Stephen Colbert

Winner will be announced here around 8.  Put your predictions down below.


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  • randall gerber

    either can be three films:argo,lincoln or silver linings playbook.

  • steve

    SLP if I have to choose between the three.

  • Reezo

    It should be Argo. I want this to be a year that repeats history and a film wins the PGA, Golden Globe, BFCA and the OSCAR. Argo deserves it. A great movie that not only works as an amazing, tense, gripping thriller with dazzling performances and technical prowess. The movie defines that classic hollywood persona and lifestyle with affection and delicacy though most importantly, it reminds our new generation that there are stories worth telling from years before our, or my time for that matter that transcend the process of age and remain emotionally resonant. Epic filmmaking.

    My second choice would probably be Django Unchained. Theirs is probably SLP.


  • steve

    oh fuck, it’s argo.

  • Will

    What is with this industry wide love for Argo? Golden Globes, Critics Choice, and now the PGA? If Affleck wins the DGA I will be floored. I don’t think anyone will say Argo isn’t a fine film and it is damn entertaining. But come on, best picture? In all of these awards?

    I thought this would be the year when the Academy and others would go with the challenging film Zero Dark Thirty. They’ve done it before (American Beauty, No Country, The Hurt Locker), but it seems like they will just drop the ball again.

    I sincerely hope Argo and Lincoln don’t win even though it seems like a two-horse race between them. Much rather have Silver Linings sweep if ZDT can’t.

  • BlueFox94

    “ARGO” is my favorite film of 2012 and deserves all of the awards it’s been getting. I wasn’t even disappointed in Ben Affleck’s snub; it helped the film.

    And “WRECK-IT RALPH” is my fave animated film of the year! Really happy tonight 😀

    • Divya

      Ben Affleck not being named for Directing is actually helping Argo’s cause immensely (& I am now actually rooting for it to win Best Picture). The SAG Cast Ensemble will be an interesting contest, with Argo up against Lincoln & SLP in that category. As for ZDT, the torture controversy is hurting the film’s prospects, and (except perhaps for Jessica Chastain), I don’t expect the film to score much on Oscar night. But, Ben Affleck is roaring back into contention, and how!

      Am I the only person who thinks that Ben Affleck may have been deliberately left out of the directing field this year, simply to ensure that there are no obstacles in the path of Steven Spielberg winning Best Director?

  • steve

    I guess I should watch Homeland…? And now comes all the ‘Argo’s going all the way’ talk. Come on, Weinstein! Are you going to let George Clooney beat you?!?!

  • Reezo

    Argo’s momentum has boosted alot. I agree that Ben Affleck’s snub helped the film though I don’t feel it’s for making Spielberg a lock. Actually, anyone feel Ang Lee lurking in the distance, ready to take the gold. I have this funny feeling that Ang Lee may win director as Life of Pi does have 11 nominations. If the acadamy disagrees with all of the other awards. It’s either SLP of Life of Pi taking the Oscar home.

  • Phill

    One step closer to an SLP sweep come Oscar night. If SLP wins ensemble tomorrow (a big award, which (finally) Argo can’t (won’t) get) then it’s gonna seal the deal in a big way for SLP.

    Because I already think SLP is the big frontrunner come Oscar Night, a win tomorrow in Ensemble (in which it’s a big favorite) would put the nail in the coffin for Lincoln (although i already think it’s been nailed shut) and essentially wrap things up.

    Argo has all but won the DGA and BAFTA’s, in which it would take a miracle for it to lose either of them.

    No pre award wins for Lincoln, and no director nod for Argo kind of eliminates both movies from any serious contention in Picture. Although i do believe Argo could possibly pull a fast one, it isn’t likely.

    That leaves the gate wide open for Weinstein to deliver (as usual) our best picture, actress, and supporting actor. I think he’ll need a little extra juju to deliver Director and Actor, but I think he pulls both off by the end of the night.

    I don’t mind though. If it can’t be Beasts or Django, id like it to be SLP.

    • Tom

      How is SLP a front runner? In contention, perhaps, but front runner? Like Lincoln, it hasn’t won any major award so far. Unlike Lincoln, SLP isn’t a Spielberg drama about one of the country’s most beloved presidents.

      I really think Argo is going to take Best Picture. Voters are going to feel bad about Affleck’s snub and throw their vote to Argo. As far as Best Director, I don’t see anyone but Spielberg winning. Lee is sort of hanging around, but I don’t think he’ll bring the Oscar home.

      The typical voter will typically want to reward the director of the film they voted for BP. If that film is Argo, they can’t vote for Affleck. So if they didn’t vote for Argo, what film would they vote for? I think that’s Lincoln, and that’s why I see Spielberg taking BD

      • Phill

        Correction, SLP swept the comedy awards at the Critics awards. Much Merit? No, but still swept them. And I think you’re forgetting the power of Weiststein. It wouldn’t be the first time (and probably not the last) Harvey pulled something out. I think it’s a clear front runner.

        And Spielberg winning director? Excuse me while I chuckle. He hadls just about as good a chance as Zeitlin. It’s cute though.

        • Tom

          The comedy awards? Excuse me while I chuckle, but SLP had zero competition in those categories. And in a similar category at the Globes, slightly expanded to include musicals, it lost to Les Miserables.

          You must be shocked Skyfall missed out on a BP nomination. By your count, its “Best Action Film” win at the Critics Choice Awards would have placed it second-in-line to win at the Oscars behind SLP.

          Freak accidents don’t suggest a trend and they certainly don’t suggest a front-runner. For every time the Weinsteins whip out a winner out of thin air, there are 30 BP winners with actual, legitimate precursor wins and support. Although Affleck missed out on his nomination, Argo is that film this year. It even managed to achieve what you stated couldn’t and wouldn’t happen: the SAG Ensemble Award.

          Right. Well Lee, Russell, and Haneke have about as good a chance as Affleck, who is not nominated. At 50/50 with Zeitlin, I’d say Spielberg’s got pretty good chances.

  • JamDenTel

    Come on, AMOUR…take advantage of the chaos and strike.

    • Mikael

      JamDenTel, I would ‘amour’ – or, literally – LOVE that too!!!

  • JamDenTel

    My own preference is for Django–I haven’t seen Amour yet–but I would certainly rather see it win than any of the four frontrunners. And I really do want Haneke to win Best Director. Spielberg and Lee have been awarded, Zetlin doesn’t really deserve it and neither, IMO, does David O. Russell.