Awards Circuit Power Hour – LIVE Podcast and Blog for the SAG Awards!


POWERHOUR_LOGO_NEWIt’s that time again we’re taking questions for Power Hour! We’ll be broadcasting LIVE on Blog Talk radio talking about the PGA Awards, how the Oscar race stands now, and announce the winners of the first annual Circuit Awards! There will be an opportunity for you to send your questions LIVE during the recording of Power Hour or you can post them in the comments.  We will be recording on Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern Time.  So be here Sunday @ 6 sharp to give your feedback and ask your questions.  You can also leave it in the comment section.

We’d also like to announce that we will have a LIVE blog for the SAG Awards, starting at 7:30pm.. 

Look forward to your questions .

  • pat

    Can’t wait for tonight. Pat

  • Divya

    My question: For the supporting actor and leading actor categories, to what extent will the SAG results affect the Oscar race? Christoph Waltz (Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee for ‘Django Unchained’) has not even been nominated here. And Joaquin Phoenix’s work in ‘The Master’ is of such superlative quality that his SAG omission still astounds me. Do you think their omission for the SAG awards will have any effect for the final Oscars race?

    The supporting actor race seems to be quite open as of now, so I wouldn’t worry too much about Waltz. But Phoenix’s SAG omission is all the more worrying for his Oscar prospects – a staggering statistic says that whoever has won the SAG Award for Best Male Leading Actor has also gone on to win the Oscar in the last EIGHT consecutive years (from Jamie Foxx to Jean Dujardin). And unfortunately for Phoenix, he has not even been nominated by SAG.

    • steve

      Second this one. Is it really such a sure thing that DDL will get his third already? I’d like to think voters could put aside some comments about campaigning and actually award the year’s best performance (Phoenix!).