Oscar Circuit: Adapted Screenplay

Faithfully and successfully adapting an original source into a workable feature film screenplay often poses itself as a daunting task to even the most seasoned writers.  Combined with the constant concern of providing a captivating narrative to drive a story, the added pressure of doing justice to the source increases expectations.  Ranging from a stage […]

Box Office (01.27.13)

As ‘Django Unchained’ (Wein.) rides into #1 in several countries, domestically, this week, it’s still no match for the scary, ‘Mama’ (Uni.) which crawls into #1 and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ (Sony) who drags into #2. ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ (Wein.) is lifted up to #3, followed by ‘Gangster Squad’ (WB) and, new release, ‘Broken City’ (Fox). […]