The End of Love (**½)

Mark Webber is quietly setting up a potential career as a triple threat. A known if hardly A-list actor, he’s also a writer-director and his sophomore feature ‘The End of Love’ is a showcase for his talents. Easily his best performance to date, Webber also shows some potential as a filmmaker, but honestly he’s not […]

An Epic Man: Hayao Miyazaki

If you know anything about animated movies, then you would know the name Hayao Miyazaki and the term Studio Ghibli. Famous for creating countless classics beloved by audiences of all ages and countries, Miyazaki is most well-known for creating the cute and spunky Totoro, a spirit of the forest that guides and take care of […]

Safe Haven (*½)

Despite it being the only thing I actually want to talk about in regard to ‘Safe Haven’, I promise not to spoil the twist that wraps up the conclusion of this latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation. Honestly, this film is just like all of the other movies made out of Sparks’ books, with the exception of […]

The Academy Awards: Best Dressed

Well this is it, the last hurrah. This year at the Academy Awards the actresses brought their A game when it came to the fashion. Making this list was difficult because a lot of the stars looked simply fantastic while few disappointed, which further proves this was a great year for Oscar. Here is my […]