SUNDANCE: ‘Lovelace’, ‘Touchy Feely’, and ‘Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes’


lovelaceAs we wrap up our coverage of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, I’m quickening the pace by lumping some of my remaining reviews together. I’ll be doing quick looks at a trio of films that underwhelmed me to some degree. I’ll be talking about ‘Lovelace’, ‘Touchy Feely’, and ‘Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes’ briefly here, but look for full reviews later this year when they hit theaters. ‘Lovelace’ is the one I think most of you are interested in, so that will get a slightly longer write up here, while the rest are just briefly touched upon.

Lovelace (**½)

The co-directors of ‘Howl’ (a personal favorite of mine a few years back) Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have crafted a pretty standard biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace here. They do some interesting things with the way they present the story, but the real selling point here are the performances of Amanda Seyfried and Peter Sarsgaard. The latter is real good, but the former is the revelation. If the movie was slightly more engrossing I could see her making a play for a Best Actress nomination this year. It still might happen if the film is a hit, but I have my doubts.

Following Linda Lovelace (Seyfried) from her teenage years until her middle aged crusade against pornography begins, we see just how she ended up starring in the most successful porn movie of all time ‘Deep Throat’. Initially in love with Chuck Traynor (Sarsgaard), she falls under his spell and quickly learns of her abusive nature. Thus begins the road towards drugs, sex, and violence. There aren’t really any new facts here, just what the public already knows about Lovelace.

With a cast that includes the aforementioned Seyfried and Sarsgaard, plus the likes of Adam Broad, Sharon Stone, James Franco, Juno Temple, and more, you’d think the script by Andy Bellin would have been slightly better. Epstein and Friedman do what they can, but ultimately I was mildly let down. Seyfried is excellent though, so it was far from a total disappointment.

Touchy Feely (**½)

touchyI’m normally a fan of Lynne Shelton’s films, but something about her new movie ‘Touchy Feely’ just didn’t work for me. Perhaps this one is too fantastical, but despite a real nice performance by Josh Pais and solid work from a cast that includes Rosemarie DeWitt, Allison Janney, Ron Livingston, Scoot McNairy, and Ellen Page, I just was never engaged by the material. Shelton has some interesting visuals, but the story centers around a massage therapist who becomes sickened by human touch and a dentist who somehow finds himself able to cure TMJ. I never bought into it and spent the whole time trying to figure out the why instead of letting the characters (which are admittedly pleasurable to spend time with) just take me away. That’s usually what happens with movies by Shelton, but it didn’t happen here. Alas…

Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes (**½)

emanuelAside from nice work by Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario I did not get this one at all. Filmmaker Francesca Gregorini throws a lot against the wall with this dramatic thriller of sorts, but very little sticks. It’s as if she couldn’t decide if she wanted to focus on the teenager who sees a woman move in next door that has a striking resemblance to her dead mother or on the woman herself, who has a baby doll that she carries around and literally thinks is an actual baby. The ideas are interesting, but the execution is way too hit or miss for my taste. Biel and Scodelario are good, but other than that I was just puzzled by what the point is here. The look of the flick is cool, but the content was lacking in my eyes.

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  • kailor

    Yes I totally agree about Lovelace and Seyfried. Aside from Jennifer’s Body & Chloe (which she was pitch perfect in) I have been disappointed in her film choices like In Time, Letters To Juliet, Dear John, Gone, and red Riding. With last year’s Les Miserables and Lovelace this year it is nice to see her heading finally in the right direction. The film Lovelace itself is not all that special but her performance is. I saw the film at Sundance and Seyfried is a revelation as Linda Lovelace and she is the reason to see the film.

    • Joey Magidson

      As did I see it there, and she’s certainly the reason to see the film if one does decide to do so…

  • Last year I really liked Your Sister’s Sister, so I’m still interested in Touchy Feely, but it sucks to hear that it’s a step back for the director.

    • Joey Magidson

      Definitely a step back, but I’m sure people will still enjoy it to some degree…

  • Frances

    Seyfried is loathed by Hollywood, because she is so horrible in interviews. She comes across poorly on all red carpet interviews and on talk shows. She may give some good performances, but the real her, is very difficult to take. She comes across like a wise ass all the time. At the SAG’s she told an interviewer she hopes Les. Miz loses because she can’t walk in her shoes. She just comes across as a dumb ass mean girl. Lets stop praising her. I thought it was ridiculous when you had her and Julianne Moore on here for that bomb “Chloe”.

    • Joey Magidson

      First of all, that was Clayton, not me. Second of all, I’m only interested in her performances. If I didn’t praise those whose private life didn’t match their public one, I wouldn’t be able to root for my sports teams either…