Oscar Circuit: Best Foreign Language Film

Always a hot button topic for debate amongst Oscarwatchers and many of us here at Awards Circuit, this year’s nominees for Best Foreign Language Film embody a melting pot of opulence, grit, political commentary, grand and epic adventure, and the true test of a couple’s love and devotion.     The 2012 Nominees for Best […]

Around the Circuit: February 2nd – February 8th

Link(s) of the week: When an Oscar race seems all but sewn up for a film you aren’t necessarily rooting for, there comes a time where you must accept it, make peace with it, and move forward with your predictions. That’s exactly what The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers did this week following Argo’s win at […]

Awards Circuit Community Final Voting is Open!

2012 was an outstanding year for film.  The community of the Awards Circuit chose their nominees in nineteen categories.  Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln led the nominations with eleven.  Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables and Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty followed far behind with seven nominations each. Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained managed six nominations.  Tarantino nabbed his seventh […]

New Images for Focus Features’ Upcoming Dramedy, ‘Admission’

Paul Weitz, Academy Award nominated writer of About a Boy (2002) and the popular high school comedy, American Pie (1999) will be releasing his latest comedy/drama starring Tina Fey (TV’s “30 Rock”) and Paul Rudd (Judd Apatow’s This is 40).  Admission, which tells the story of an admissions representative at Princeton University that goes on […]

Dame Shirley Bassey To Make Her First Appearance On An Oscar® Show

The addition of Dame Shirley Bassey to the Oscar presentation seems a natural, if not inspired, decision. The Oscars will be celebrating 50 years of James Bond, so why not bring back the legendary voice that gave us the theme songs from Goldfinger (in my opinion the greatest of the Bond songs), Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker? Wouldn’t […]

Academy Announces Start Of Final Oscars® Voting

That’s right. It all begins today. Strange to think that in all this time since the Oscar nominees were announced – and the Argo love-fest that followed – that Academy members haven’t even begun to check off their final selections until today. Have a look at AMPAS‘ official release after the jump.

House of Cards (***½)

In trying to decide how best to review the new Netflix original series ‘House of Cards’, I had a few options to toy with. The most obvious was to simply review the pilot of this remake of a well-regarded BBC program, but that seemed short-sighted considering how the service was putting all 13 episodes of […]

‘American Idol’ Recap: Hollywood Week Pt. 1 (Guys)

Tears, sweat, blood, and shattered pride: This is…Hollywood Week. In what was a first for the long-standing television behemoth, American Idol decided to switch things up by having all the men compete against one another in this grueling yet pivotal round, then whittled down to twenty men standing by the end of the week (the […]

The Sorcerer And The White Snake (**½)

‘‘The Sorcerer and the White Snake‘ is a fantastical movie that features Jet Li, Raymond Lam, Eva Huang, Charlene Choi, and Zhang Wen. With a simple story of good versus evil, a couple twists and turns and strict rules, the movie is easy to understand and quite funny. The visual effects in making the snakes […]