Jennifer Lawrence Reuniting with David O. Russell for Abscam Film

Two-time Oscar nominee, Jennifer Lawrence, is the latest star to join David O. Russell’s next project, a film about the 1970s FBI sting operation Abscam, which brought down several corrupt U.S. congressman, marking her second effort with the acclaimed director.  Written by Eric Singer and Russell, the picture formerly titled American Bullshit already has Christian […]

Shanghai Calling (**½)

Full of wit and a distant cousin to Marc Webb’s (500) Days of Summer, Daniel Hsia’s feature debut Shanghai Calling is a hilarious and steady picture featuring an outstanding breakout performance by Daniel Henney.  A romantic comedy that often falls victim to American stereotypes that we’ve grown to see over the years of cinema however, it’s […]

American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Part 2 (The Girls)

Welcome back, Idol imbibers! For the second part of Hollywood Week, the girls took center stage and unleashed their powers of musical persuasion in the hopes America would be more impressed than last week’s stellar showing from the guys. Collectively, I believe the men are a stronger group this season, but individually there are some […]

Weekend Openings: 2/15/2013

You know he’s having a good day when John McClane  joins the recent throng of aging actions stars in the cinemas by reclaiming the right to utter his famous R-rated catchphrase in A Good Day to Die Hard.  A different kind of action graces the big screen to cater to the romantic date crowd with […]

Oscar Circuit: Documentary Short

As one of the more obscure categories eligible for an Academy Award, the Documentary Short (along with the other two shorts categories: Live Action and Animated) has benefited in recent years from greater public exposure due to screenings offered nationwide in the weeks leading up the awards show. Previous winners include last year’s Saving Face, […]