Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 40: Semi-Final Oscar Predictions, ACCA Winners, Academy Idol Finalists

It’s our final (pre-recorded) podcast before the Academy Awards.  We’re talking heavy in every single category as much as we can. Before we jump into the categories, I reveal the Academy Idol finalists.  Which two do you think made it?  Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild?  Zero Dark Thirty and Amour?  Beasts of the […]

CAS and MPSE Guilds Sound Off

On late Saturday night, the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) handed out their prizes for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing, awarding Les Misérables with their award for a live action film. This probably puts Les Misérables as the frontrunner for the Sound Mixing Oscar (if it wasn’t already), especially on the heels of last weekend’s victory with BAFTA in […]

Like Someone in Love (***½)

Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami (Certified Copy) once again triumphantly disrupts the natural order of mainstream cinema. With his latest offering — the sleek, dreamy yet hyperreal Like Someone in Love — Kiarostami has positioned himself as the maestro of experimental filmmaking. Transitioning from the romantic vineyards of Tuscany to the metropolitan claustrophobia of Tokyo, Kiarostami […]

Box Office (08.17.13)

Top movies this week on the international charts look more like a chopped salad than anything else! No consistency, lots of different names, especially with the American Academy Awards just around the corner, everyone is hoping to understand the final decisions. In America, ‘Identity Thief‘ (Uni.) stole #1 daily, and overall this year, replaced by […]