Oscar Speeches – Who Would You Thank?


sally-field-oscarWhether it’s the veteran finally getting up on stage or an ingenue looking to make an impression, Oscar speeches are just as much a part of an actor’s legacy as their wins for their work. Have you ever thought about what you would say if you won? Luckily, Thank the Academy is here to help you with that question. Created by a grad student at Georgia Tech, it uses the database of speeches the Academy just released and breaks down everything from the percentage of people who cry to how winners hold their Oscars. You can also create your own speech by selecting different groups and themes. Check out the one I made after the jump!

“Oh my. Wow. Thank you God, oh Heavenly Father, for putting me here. Is it okay to say I have always wanted one of these? Ever since I was a kid. It is such an honor to receive this. Such an honor. (clears throat) I would like to thank the Academy. I am so touched by the work of my amazing fellow nominees. Thank you, inspiring cast. I have got to thank my agent – thank you! It really is a team effort. Ma – I love you. Dad – I love you. Thank you. Thank you very much.”

The criteria I used for the acceptance speech


 Who would you thank if you won the Oscar? Which actor do you think will have the best speech?

  • We have the same exact speech. lol Kate Winslet for the win!

  • Jack

    I would just pull a Pesci. “Thank you”, then walk off. I have terrible stage fright!

    But honestly i’d say something like:
    “First of all, I’d like to thank the Academy, not only for this incredible and humbling honor, but for awarding my fellow nominees and peers and recognizing their fanastic work. To those who weren’t nominated. To my family that never got tired of me and put up with me, as well as letting me watch The Exorcist when I was 9. For the first time in my life, I feel welcome and like I finally belong. Thank you.”

  • Tyler

    My speech:

    “I don’t deserve this. Give it to the people that actually deserve it like Paul Thomas Anderson. I don’t deserve an award that somebody like David Lynch and George Lucas have never won.”

    Just completely freak the Academy out.