Daniel Tosh’s Brilliant Oscar and Spoiler Spoof


Not to sure if anyone watches the hilarious Daniel Tosh on Comedy Central’s hit-show “Tosh.O” but if you don’t, you have to give this admittedly offensive comedian a chance since his antics are greatly constructed and harmlessly fun.

On last Wednesday’s show, he spoofed all the Best Picture nominees, revealing spoilers, and (perhaps) making a prediction that David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook would win Best Picture

Check it out!


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  • John C.

    He’s so right about Les Miserables.

  • Will

    He’s so right about Django.

  • George

    “Amour? F**k you.” Pretty sure that was America’s reaction on nomination day. Also, great spoof of Django it’s too true what he said about it.

    • Clayton Davis

      I thought so too.

  • moviewatcher

    I didn’t agree with most points on this.

    * There are BIG arguments to be made against Les Miserables, but that it is all sang is ridiculous (plus, bread wasn’t as readily available in the mid 19th century as it is today).
    * And he didn’t have one smart thing to say against Amour (who knows why).
    * He totally didn’t get the endings of Life of Pi or ZD30.
    * The funniest thing he said was the “white cake” bit, which is not a point against Django at all.
    * He did make a good point on Argo, which COULD have been a much more serious movie about the people who were actually being taken hostage, but that’s not what the movie is about so therefore it’s null and void.
    * And Lincoln tells long stories, therefore it’s boring…? [insert final two words of the clip].

    Maybe I was taking this too seriously, but still…

    • John C.

      Les Miserables is a completely fully sung-through musical. That’s why it is so bombastic with forty songs thrown into a two in a half hour film. Hooper clearly could’ve eliminated unnecessary tunes (i.e. Fosse).

      • moviewatcher

        John C.,

        faithful adaptation?

    • Ronny


      It’s not as if Daniel Tosh is a comedian and not a movie critic, right?

    • Stephen Massie

      You were. He was making fun of anything in any way he and his writers could dream up.
      Although his comment about Argo made so much sense, the point he made actually continues to ripple outwards in other discussions. I certainly think if the underlying premise of a movie is utterly ridiculous in how serious it’s taken, it has no business garnering a lot of praise to begin with. And under the shadow of the actual hostage situation taking place at the same time, this movie’s story would have been better suited as a comedy than a drama so I definitely think it didn’t deserve a best picture award when the story of the movie didn’t deserve spotlighting in the first place.

  • Pinky

    He did not get the ending to the Life of Pi. He clearly was not paying enough attention to the end of the movie..