Happy Oscar Day! – A Day Full of Excitement


POWERHOUR_LOGO_NEWThe day is finally here.  All the predictions, prognosticating, bitching, and moaning has led to this.  The Academy Awards begins at 8:00 pm Eastern time tonight with the Red Carpet beginning at 7:00 pm.  However, here we have a day full of great festivities for you to enjoy.

  • First, if you haven’t done so yet, join our Oscar Pool via Fun Office Pools.  Your picks are due by 7:00 pm tonight.
  • You can check out our CHART page to see what the writers and I are each thinking Oscar might go for.  If you missed our series of “WILL WIN/SHOULD WIN” – you can go back and check those out too.
  • We have our LIVE podcast that begins at 5:00 pm ET via Blog Talk Radio.  We’ll be taking your calls, talking last-minute jitters, and trying to calm  Mark Johnson down.  I’ll also be announcing the winner of Academy Idol Season 6!!!!  If you want to call in and chat with us:  (347) 237-5231
  • Our LIVE BLOG, will begin at 7:00 pm ET right here, for all of you to chat with us and fellow Oscar lovers about the red carpet and the winners as they are announced.

I’d like to thank you all for a great year of movie talk and look forward to discussing more with you for the 2014 ceremony.  Year-In-Advance Predictions will be up on Tuesday with new articles and series to quickly follow.  So don’t go away when the Oscars are over.  We are talking Oscars, movies, and television all year long!  ACCA 1999, our readership awards that go back in time to fix Oscars’ mistakes, will begin in early March.

I appreciate all of you that continuing to come back to read the site daily.  If you feel compelled and generous to do so, running a big operation like this can be quite costly on minimal outside remedies like advertisements which we barely get.  I’d ask all of our readers to contribute anything they can via the Donation tab on top or to by clicking here.  Any contribution will help us continue to make The Awards Circuit bigger and better for 2013-2014 awards season!  Thank you in advanced for your generosity.

What are you predicting?  How are you spending your Oscar day?  Discuss in the comments!