Steven Spielberg Will Preside as President over the Cannes Film Festival Jury



He wasn’t able to win his third Best Director Oscar last weekend, but Steven Spielberg has been chosen to head up the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival Competition Jury as a nice consolation prize. Spielberg competed for the Palme d’Or with his first film, The Sugarland Express, in 1974. That was the only time Spielberg competed at Cannes, but he also debuted E.T. the Extra Terrestrial outside of the competition at the fest back in 1982.

Obviously humbled by the honor, Spielberg quipped: “For over six decades, Cannes has served as a platform for extraordinary films to be discovered and introduced to the world for the first time. It is an honor and a privilege to preside over the jury of a festival that proves, again and again, that cinema is the language of the world.”

The Cannes Film Festival will run from May 15th through May 25th.