Slew of New Release Dates Including ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again’



It’s that time of year when studios begin shuffling dates around to figure out which films will fit best where, to both maximize the return on their investment and/or to provide a film with the best shot of succeeding during the awards season. The strategy on the former has been a May through July release, as of late, where the latter has been shifting earlier and earlier away from December. After the jump, have a look at the new release dates for a few upcoming films.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again (otherwise known as The Hobbit 3) has moved out of its July 2014 release date to line up with the five Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films that came before it. Some believe this has to do with Fox moving their X-Men: Days of Future Past into the same July time slot, but it just makes more sense to release the final installment of The Hobbit trilogy in the same fashion as the rest. The December 17th, 2014 release date is 21 months from now, so it is entirely possible it could be moved again.

Paramount has announced that Martin Scorsese’s latest effort, The Wolf of Wall Street, will see a November 15th, 2013 release – just in time for Marty’s and my birthday weekend (that was the intention, I’m sure). More importantly (depends on who you ask), that date puts Wolf in a key spot for the awards race. I’m sure there will be a few more moves concerning this weekend now that the big kid on the block has moved in. The Fifth Estate (starring Benedict Cumberbatch), The Counselor (directed by Ridley Scott), and the Stallone/DeNiro comedy Grudge Match were already scheduled for that same weekend.

Meanwhile, Universal has two comic book adaptations that have adjusted their debuts. Kick-Ass 2 moves from June 28th, 2013 to August 16th, 2013. This was originally the spot for 2 Guns, a thriller starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, which now moves up two weeks earlier to August 2nd. Why ask why?

Other dates announced: Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring (June 14th, 2013), and The Spectacular Now (August 2nd, 2013)

  • Patrick Murray

    Also noteworthy would be August: Osage County on 11/8 and Grace of Monaco on 12/27

    • Two Weinstein distributed films that should be players next awards season if things break right.

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    Mark Johnson, I’m another northeastern Ohio sports fan. 🙂

  • Are you from Northeast Ohio originally? I’m from Canton. I sympathize with what it’s like to be a Cleveland sports fan, although I’ve never liked the Browns.