Jack The Giant Slayer (**)

I wish I could summon up more enthusiasm for Jack the Giant Slayer because it’s not a terrible film. There’s plenty of adventure, fun action, and good actors to make any subject matter lively. Unfortunately, all of those things are buried underneath the type of slick, bland filmmaking and unnecessary 3D Hollywood thinks will win […]

21 and Over (**)

The writers of The Hangover (2009) make their directorial debut with a film that’s, well…the same film set on a college campus. If that sounds like a good time to you, then 21 and Over is likely your kind of movie. It’s kind of middle ground between the 2009 hit film and Project X (2012), […]

A Place at the Table (***)

There’s a lot of surprising facts on display in the new documentary A Place at the Table, a film focused on the shocking amount of people who are food insecure in the United States of America. Starting off of the startling premise that one in five children in America don’t know where their next meal […]