Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 41: Oscar Post-Mortem, 2014 Preview, American Idol Interview w/ Hallie Day


PowerHour_Logo_NewThe Awards Circuit Power Hour is focusing on the Oscars 2013 Post Mortem. What were our big gripes with the show? How did Seth MacFarlane do as a host? Was it too long?

We also examine Ben Affleck’s Argo (2012) and its three Oscar wins for Picture, Editing, and Adapted Screenplay. How will the film stand the test of time and look next to other Best Picture winners?  Was Ang Lee’s Life of Pi #2 in the lineup?

The Pros and Cons with the Oscar ceremony.  What did they do right?  What did they do wrong?

A look at all the winners: What was the biggest surprise of the night?

Terence has a rant on this week’s edition of “Stop Making It Happen” while Mark gives us some knowledge on this week’s “Did You Know?”

We introduce the new series that will be brought to you during the off-season including Michael Ward’s “Everything Comes Back Around,” Nicole Melkonian’s “Writer’s Block,” and Tiff Chai’s “International Circuit.”

Hallie DaySince the twelfth season of American Idol has kicked off, we begin our Past Idol Series with a short chat with Season 11’s Hallie Day, who made the Top 24.  How was her experience on the show and what she has planned next in this past Idol world?  Follow Hallie at @HDayAI11

We preview a bit of the Oscars 2014 and prepping you for next week’s preview.  What film are we placing at #1 on our predictions? Also, what do you want to see at next year’s Oscar ceremony?

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  • Not that you men missed the point, but sorry you REALLY missed the point. The Les Mis Oscar performance has already had over 1 million plays on You Tube. That was the single best performance of the whole evening and Hugh Jackman commanded the stage. That standing ovation was from an audience who knew they had to vote for DDL, but Jackman is the one they will give it to next time they have even half an excuse.

    • I think I got that the sole reason for having them perform was for ratings and Youtube views (I believe I mentioned as much in the podcast). Doesn’t make that tribute any less awkward and self congratulatory tho.

      • Okay $400 million in global Box Office, 40 wins out of 85 nominations including three Oscars, More than a million pre-orders for CD & DVD not to mention books already shipped out of Amazon … If you are going to self-congratulate, it’s probably a good thing to have something to brag about while entertaining a global audience.

        • You REALLY love Les Mis.

          • steve

            yes…a little too much. clouded judgement?

            • Kevin

              Way too much. They bitch every time someone doesn’t praise Les Mis.

    • Kevin

      Or maybe they actually just thought Day Lewis was better than Jackman, and that’s why they voted for him? I know you think Jackman’s performance was the greatest thing ever, but not everyone has to agree, and disagreeing doesn’t make them wrong.

  • P.S. Best tweet of Oscar night to Jennifer Lawrence:

    When you fall down and Hugh Jackman runs to rescue you – STAY DOWN – until he gets there.

  • JulieFe

    I didn’t think Catherine Zeta-Jones was as bad as you thought it was. The musical tribute was alright but didn’t do much for me because it was weird that the producers wanted to make it all about them and not about the nominated films or the history of the movies. I know those little clip shows are boring, but I feel like with a big year (85th) they should’ve paid tribute to the great movies of the past..

    It’s also odd that they focused on musicals of the past 10 years because, you know, when I think of the golden age of musicals, hot dang, I definitely think of 2002-2012. (lol)

    I feel that the winners were expected with the exception of Production Design. I knew that was going in a different way than the consensus, which is why I chose Pi. I was wrong that it was Lincoln but right that it wasn’t going to be a frontrunner like Les Mis or Anna Karenina. “Brave” was a shock to many pundits. I attribute that to their picking their own likes over what the Academy would find fitting.

    • Glad you were wrong with Clayton and I on production design. As far as Zeta-Jones, I honestly thought she was lip syncing.

  • JulieFe

    I need to rephrase. I was wrong about Production Design because it ended up being Lincoln and not what I picked, Pi, but right that it was not one of the frontrunners, Les Mis or Anna Karenina.

    For this year’s Oscars, I am very excited to see Grace of Monaco, Diana, Monuments Men, and Wolf of Wall Street.

  • JulieFe

    Sorry, i’m stealing this joke from someone. Barbra Streisand has an EGO, not an EGOT. Haha. It’s true.

  • Josh P.

    I will never understand when a host of an awards show pokes fun at the celebrities we have to feel bad for them. Let’s be honest, these are overpaid, privileged people who are self congratulating each other by handing out gold statues to one another. Do we really have to feel bad for Ben Affleck because Seth MacFarlane got snarky with him? Please. And on that note, it just feels like the Academy should just never have someone host the Oscars because when they get someone who tries to do something interesting and different, they still get torn to pieces. Even when they got the safest guy they could get last year, Billy Crystal, people still hated him. Why bother anymore because it’s more than obvious that no one will ever get good reviews for hosting the Oscars.

    Personally, I find it ironic how in 2009, I would have much preferred Tarantino to win for “Inglourious Basterds” over Mark Boal for “The Hurt Locker”, and cut to three years later, Tarantino triumphs over a much superior script written by Boal for “Zero Dark Thirty”. The one thing you can count on with the Oscars is that you’re always winning the Oscar you deserve, just not for the product you deserved it for.

    I was listening to Sasha Stone’s podcast, and she mentioned how it seems like the Oscar tone has changed, and how a movie like “Lincoln” could fail to win even though so many films like it before have succeeded. I think it’s really interesting how there’s some truth to that. If that film came out twenty years ago, I don’t think there would be any question of it winning, and films like “Gandhi”, “The English Patient” and even “Schindler’s List” might struggle to win in this age.

    • Jeremy DC

      I’m totally with you on the Boal/Tarantino oscar situation. When it comes to the best picture winners, you’re right, the 90s had quite a few of those epic, costume, historical type of movies like Dances with Wolves, Unforgiven, Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump, Braveheart, The English Patient, Titanic, and Shakespeare in Love. The 2000s had quite a few movies win where it was more modern day, unhappy endings such as Million Dollar Baby, Crash, The Departed, No Country for Old Men, and The Hurt Locker. Now this decade seems to be following its own theme.

    • Steve Glansberg

      Ditto to the Tarantino/Boal comment.

  • steve

    ang lee, for me, is a better (and far more diverse) filmmaker than spielberg. for every hulk…there is a war horse 🙂

  • steve

    As far as the next year in film (or maybe two depending on when it starts filming), Jessica Chastain could have a great chance to win (since a nomination would seem like a lock) with Miss Julie. Plus it would be nice to see another woman (Liv Ullman) get nominated for directing. She’s a big enough star to pull it off too I think.

  • JulieFe

    It’d be great if Jessica Chastain won. She’d be very deserving. I felt that she would’ve been a good winner this year, finding her superior to Wallis and Lawrence. (I didn’t see Riva and Watts yet.)

    Josh P., great comments. I agree that I would’ve loved for “Inglourious” and “Zero” to win. I listen to Sasha as well and strongly believe that Lincoln would’ve been a shoo-in to win in the 80s and 90s. I wanted it to win this year, but it seems like a different type of film is being honored. It’s hard to fathom that some greats of the past might not win because they’re not “feel goodie” enough. I definitely agreed with Sasha that the “poor Ben”/”little movie that could beating the Goliath” storylines were so irritating.

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a sub rosa smear campaign against Argo, talking about “do we really want the Gigli/Jersey Girl/Pearl Harbor person to win? It’d be no more wrong than the slime directed at Lincoln, esp. by the loathsome Rep. Courtney, and Zero Dark Thirty.

  • Kim

    Liked your coverage a lot