Circuit Round-Up (Week Ending 3/3)



  • Hello, Awards Circuit devotees! I hope you’ve all recovered from last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony, because the fun is far from over. Following the pivotal show, you’ll see we’ve released some correlating articles, including Anna Belickis’ “Best Dressed List” and Joey Magidson’s post-ceremony reflection piece on whether Argo was always the big winner. As much as it pains us, our job demands we report everything…including the list of winners from the Razzies, a dumb awards show where all things supernatural were taken to the slaughter.

  • You know immediately following the Academy Awards, new predictions are put up since Oscar Week Never Ends here at The Awards Circuit. Upholding this promise, Editor-in-Chief Clayton Davis unveiled early 2014 predictions in two major categories: Best Actor & Best Picture.
  • For his DVD Pick-of-the-Week, Joey Magidson cited a film we should all probably revisit: Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. At the very least, those who didn’t understand why the majority of the AC Staff were making such a ginormous deal about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance will finally learn why. For his vintage selection in honor of The Last Exorcism Part II‘s release, Joey appropriately suggests watching the inaugural film that started this “last” film on its never-ending cycle.
  • Tiff Chai continues exposing readers to the vast wealth that is Asian cinema. This week, she gives a shout-out to the beloved animator/director Hayao Miyazaki and the many films that have wowed international audiences.
  • American Idol Season 12 announced its Top 20 Semifinalists this week. Check out Clayton’s Power Rankings, as well as my recaps for the final group of men and women to partake in the Sudden Death round.
  • Finally, please be sure to check out Terence Johnson’s Official SXSW Festival Announcement. He’ll be covering the festival, so go and see what movies he will be screening, as well as a list of the festival films he’s most anticipating. Thanks again for reading, and have a terrific week!