Dancing with the Stars: Week 5


dancingwiththestarsWe have reached the half-way point on Dancing with the Stars and the challenges are only getting tougher. This week the stars will compete side to side with a professional couple to reveal their true dancing abilities. At first I thought this was a terrible idea because more than half of these stars don’t dance well, but it turned out to be a success. Which star will be sent home Tuesday night? Let’s review.

Zendaya & Val Chmerkovski– The Disney star performed the Argentine Tango and continued to prove that she’s the best dancer on the show. This kid could be a pro if she wanted to with the way she moves. She hit every element of the Argentine Tango and her long legs just made her movements so much more beautiful and precise. Zendaya scored the first tens of the season earning a 29 out of 30 score.

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough– Country star Kellie Pickler incorporated her charm and grace into the Foxtrot. Pickler was so spot on you couldn’t even tell her and the other female pro dancer apart. The dance was full of elegance and graceful movements. Pickler scored 27 points.

Jacoby Jones & Katina Smirnoff- Trust me, Football player Jacoby Jones is going to win this competition. Jones has these crazy legs and managed to perform just as good as the pros. Every week he comes out with so much confidence and energy and it brings so much life to the dance. His Jive was fantastic, far better than expected. He has great energy and he always plays so well with the crowd. This guy is a winner. Jones scored 26 points.

Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas– Gymnast Alexandra Raisman got lucky when she paired up with Mark Ballas. I have to say watching her perform the Samba Monday night was so much fun. I love the fact that her partnership with Ballas has opened her up and brightened her personality. She isn’t afraid to take risks and do what she has to do to give a great performance. Even though her Samba was sassy, she seemed to push herself more when dancing alongside the female pro dancer. Raisman scored 25 points.

Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd– Bachelor star Sean Lowe performed a surprisingly well done Quickstep. Lowes problem is always his movements, but this week he moved so nicely and turned his Quickstep into something to admire. You can tell that practicing with a male pro dancer motivated him to do better. Lowe scored 24 points.

Victor Ortiz & Lindsay Arnold- Boxer Victor Ortiz was stiff at times during his Viennese Watlz, but it was his best dance so far. Granted his last few dances have been terrible. Ortiz isn’t a great dancer and he really doesn’t know how to make his movements flow, and that’s ok. He tries and as long as he continues to perform slow dances he’ll be ok. Ortiz scored 21 points.

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson- Soap star Ingo Rademacher performed an ok Cha Cha. Rademacher was very intimdated at the idea of dancing with a male pro dancer and it seemed to throw him off during his Cha Cha. During the dance he was stiff and his movements seemed forced, almost like he was trying to prove he was just as good as the pro. Unfortunately him forcing his movements just made the dance sloppy and threw him off. Rademacher scored 21 points.

D.L. Hughley & Cheryl Burke– I give D.L. credit every week for coming out, getting through his routine and then facing the judge’s constant criticism. We all know he can’t dance. He has no rhythm, he walks with his knees instead of his toes, he’s too flat footed and he’s always stiff, but he gets through the dance and is always spot on with his footwork. He’s made it this far and good for him. D.L. scored 18 points.

Andy Dick & Sharna Burgess– Last week comedian Andy Dick showed a very soft side to him, this week he tried really hard to be manly in his Paso Doble. The dance wasn’t terrible but he sort of just walked around with no rhythm and didn’t capture the aggressive tone that the Paso needs. Plus they tried to make him manlier by throwing a mask on his face which was funny, but this dance had very little personality unlike his others, so it wasn’t as much fun to watch. Dick scored 18 points.

Week after week D.L. has managed to avoid the bottom two, and I think he might just do it again. It seems the voters don’t care for Victor Ortiz and Andy Dick, so I see them in the bottom two with Ortiz going home.

Who do you think will be eliminated this week?

Tune in for Dancing with the Stars Tuesday night at 9pm ET on ABC!

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