Dancing with the Stars: Week 7


dancingwiththestarsWeek seven on Dancing with the Stars has brought a Latin challenge and a dance off for the celebrities to fight through. Last week during the elimination episode, it became apparent which two stars are the weak links. With one of them doing slightly better than the other Monday night, it’s clear which star will be going home next. Let’s review.

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough– Singer Kelli Pickler is an amazing dancer, and her technique is simply flawless each week she dances, I’m just having a problem remembering her performance once the night is over. She does everything correctly, but her dances are losing the entertaining flair it had during the first few weeks of competition. Her Samba was great, but I wish I enjoyed it more because of its perfection. She’s a great dancer and she has a partner with a wild imagination, I can’t seem to understand why her last few dances have been duds. Pickler scored 29 points and earned immunity Tuesday night for scoring the highest.

– Alexandra Raisman & Mark Ballas– – I absolutely adore and admire gymnast Alexandra Raisman for not holding back when it comes to dancing. During the first few weeks of competition you could tell she was shy and lead me to believe she wouldn’t perform well. This girl is enjoying herself and letting loose and it was so great to watch her personality fly free during her Salsa. Raisman scored 29 points and earned an additional 3 points during the dance off.

– Zendaya & Val Chmerkovski– – Dancing the Paso Doble, Disney star Zendaya brought power and energy to the aggressive dance. Zendaya is the best dancer on the show, and given the proper training she could be better than the pros themselves. She becomes a different person when she dancing that you’d never believe she’s 16 years old. It’s going to be between her and Jacoby for the win. Zendaya scored 27 points during her first round and earned an additional 3 points during the dance off.

– Jacoby Jones & Katina Smirnoff– – Football player Jacoby Jones is spectacular. Monday night he danced the Salsa, a dance that fits her personality so well because it requires more sass than technique. He knows how to entertain and he did just that. When Jones steps on the dance floor he’s relaxed, loose and ready to dance. He always gets the crowd on their feet, it’s just a shame he’s always underscored. Jones scored 27 points.

– Sean Lowe & Peta Murgatroyd– – Bachelor star Sean Lowe, one of the weak links, redeemed himself with the Rumba. The dance wasn’t great, but his Rumba was filled with so much passion that it made up for the lack of hip movement required for the dance. It was definitely a step up from last week. Lowe scored 24 points.

– Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson– – I’m a sucker for love, passion and sex, so it’s obvious I happen to enjoy the Rumba very much. And I become disappointed when the Rumba is done poorly simply because it’s the dance of love. Last week, Victor Ortiz butchered the Rumba and I was hoping soap star Ingo Rademacher would do it justice simply because he’s a pro at being cheesy. Sadly, there was no hip movement during his dance which made him look like a giant statue while he partner danced around him. There was no fluidity to his movements and it lacked any form of emotion. It was disappointing to watch. Rademacher scored 22 points and earned an additional 3 points during the dance off.

– Andy Dick & Sharna Burgess– – Poor Andy. He danced the Rumba and once again brought his comical personality into the dance. The only problem is, the Rumba isn’t supposed to be comical. Regardless, I love Andy Dick, and I think that he always finds a way to make up for his lack of dance skills by using his personality. He never fails to make a performance entertaining and that’s important. But, his Rumba had no hip movement or the feeling of lust. It was a good dance, but not appropriate for the Rumba. With Dick earning 17 points, this will be his final dance.

I wish it wasn’t Andy Dick’s time to leave the show, but unfortunately it is. I’ve enjoyed watching him every week, but I can’t see the viewer’s saving him over any of the other contestants. My only hope is Andy Dick stays and Ingo Rademacher gets eliminated.

Tune in Tuesday night on ABC at 9pm ET for the results show!