Dancing with the Stars: Week 7 Results


I won’t beat around the bush about the elimination Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars. Since week one, a lot of viewers have admired Andy Dick’s motivation to continue improving on the dance show competition. But while we admired him, we wondered when it would be his time to be eliminated. Ingo Rademacher and Andy Dick were the two stars in the bottom two.

The next star eliminated off Dancing with the Stars is…

andy dick

Andy Dick.

As I said above, we knew this time would come. I’m sad to see him leave especially since I enjoyed watching him so much.

Tune in Monday night at 8pm ET on ABC for Dancing with the Stars.

  • jmlatinsir

    I feel exactly the same way, Anna. He was always fun to watch and I rooted for him, and his support for all the others was touching, but it was obvious he couldn’t rise to the level of the rest dancing wise. I wish him the best of luck in his life and career.